Positive Feedback review of Nuwave DSD!


Thanks! And don’t miss this one on Digital Audio Review, either!


I read about the digital audio review in Paul’s recent newsletter. I came across the positive feedback review by checking out the NuWave DSD website. I found the positive feedback review to be most helpful. In my system the DSD playback is much better. I was curious about setting JRiver to output DSD to the NuWave DSD. Thanks to the positive feedback review, I finally downloaded and installed my pre-purchased JR MC21 software. I found with my Windows 10 machines the NuWave WASSAPI driver sounds best. The ASIO driver made playback sound thin and bright in comparison. I set the output to 2xDSD and increased the buffer. One PC uses an Intel iCore3, the other uses an Intel iCore5. I was concerned about more processing of the file. I tend to be in the “less processing is best” camp. JRiver gives a standard recommendation not to use this setting unless your DAC cannot deal well with PCM. I figured, if it didn’t sound better I’d go back to the old settings. I trusted my ears on this one as the positive feedback reviewer was suggesting. I prefer the sound through this setup than playing PCM files (which I have lots of) through the native PCM setting. It improves the sound of all my PCM files. The 24/192 sound best, followed by the 24/96 then the 16/44.1 versions. Most noticeable difference is in treble presentation. DSD files sounded good from the get go. These are still my favorite to listen to. I’m using AQ Jitterbugs between the PC and USB cable to the NuWave DSDs. I decided I didn’t like slowing the transfer speed of my USB 3.0 external drives so I passed on using a Jitterbug at this connection. It changed the sound a little. I didn’t find it enough to sacrifice transfer speed. I just used upgrade USB 3.0 cables to replace the stock ones here. Acoustic Sounds, ProStudioMasters and HD Tracks are currently running discount promos that end today. HD Tracks is finally offering DSD files. I’ve been purchasing and downloading as well as enjoying playback through my NuWave DSD DACs. dancing-009_gif

Stereophile posted a review of the NuWave today. Here’s the link: Stereophile review of the NuWave DAC

SF said Stereophile posted a review of the NuWave today. Here's the link: Stereophile review of the NuWave DAC
I especially like the part where they mention a new transport will be released in October!

would that be the external bridge?

Had missed that if it was already out…

No, that reference is to the new transport that can send digital data from SACDs to the DS/DSJ. Not the same as an external Bridge.