Power cable from wall to P5/10

After questioning a number of people I have found two schools of thought. One says that this cable is, if not the most important, very close to the most important in you system. Another school says its not so important because the P5/10 regenerates the power anyway.

What to do? I’m an audiophile on a budget so I just cant go slam down a fortune all new fancy cables.

the tossup at this time is a cable for the 5P OR a new DS power cable. Current is jps the digital ac. Its not bad but I have been looking at the Shunyata Alpha Digital ac.(1.3k downunder, due to rise again shortly due to the sinking Aus $

Any comments would be most welcome.

Another option is a PSA AC-10 from the wall and a PSA AC-12 on the DS>P5

All comments are greatly appreciated.

It all depends on the total budget for your audio gear. P5 is not cheap on its own and to me it does not make sense to use a stock power cord for it. Better power cord DOES improve the sound, even isolation devices like spike or stillpoints under the P5 change the sound.

You need to use a power cord that matches the rest of your system, ie the same level of quality with the others. In fact I choose to use the best power cord in my collection to go from the wall to my powerplant (P10 in my case).

I found a used AC-12 for my P-5 at 1/3 the list price on Audiogon. For that purpose, it’s a great cable and there seems to be lots of deals available.

Your front -end component [CD/SACD player in my case], should get your best PC but different from an AC-12. For my system, I found a silver- coated pure copper PC [Nordost Heimdall] to work best bringing out the detail with great imaging. Pure silver -core PC or pure copper didn’t sound as good.

Hope this helps.