Best setup for P5+P10

I have both a P5 and a P10, and am wondering what’s the best way to set them up assuming I don’t need the extra powers or ports and just want the best performance.

I had originally planned to have the P5 plugged into its own dedicated main line to feed digital sources, and P10 plugged into another dedicated main line to feed my headphone amps. (No speakers). But then a friend suggested that main -> P10 -> P5 might work better. Thoughts?


I expect Paul will chime in - and with much more knowledgeable advice - but I believe your idea is best and is what I would do.

Elk’s right - I would ignore your friend’s advice, well meaning as it might be, and go dedicated line for each regenerator. Regenerator feeding regenerator can have some benefits but plugging directly into the line is always best, in the end. Have fun!

Thanks Paul and Elk.

Two other questions-

  1. can I physically stack them on top of one another? and can I then stack anything else on top of the P5 or is this a bad idea?

  2. in this setup which powercord is most important? I’m assuming it’s the one from the PS to the wall?

Good questions. Stacking on top of the P10 is ok, but I would not recommend stacking anything on top of the P5 because it vents through its top cover.

Power cords are tough and it really depends on what you’re trying to power. If digital, the shielding of connected power cords between the regenerator and the digital device is very important, probably more than the cable connecting the regenerator. The important characteristic of the cable between the wall and the regenerator is heavy gauge. A thick pipe that restricts nothing. Shielding and geometry is important in cables after the Power Plant.

Thanks again. But does this also mean that I need to leave more clearance on the sides of the P10? I ask because I have it side by side with my dac and amp, and would like them as close as possible. How much space should I leave?

No, you’ll be ok. The P10 needs only enough room to have a bit of airflow 0 so I shouldn’t worry. An inch or two is fine.