Priority order to replace AC cables with PS Audio cables?

How would you guys order these in ranking which will have the most vs. least impact?

P10 => Wall

Power amp => P10

Pre => P10

DAC => P10

Thanks in advance

They are all important but if you are asking which needs the better power cable, then I would rank the DAC first, amp second and preamp last. I just run all three with AC12 but then I get special

I too have AC-12s on all components, and I don’t get special pricing; I looked for the best pricing I could find and finally was able to complete the complement.

In my case (my system differs in that I run full tube amplification and pre amplification) I’d say the most important two are the P10 and the amp, and then all others are important probably DAC, preamp, DMP in that order.

In testing power cords for the P5, Oppo and DS, I found the wall to P5 was most important, not just for system oomph but for tone. After that, I expected the one to the DS would be the priority, but it turned out to be the Oppo by far.