Power Cable Upgrade Priorities


I know the original question was about power cords, and which devices to spend attention to, but you may also consider a holistic approach. Obviously, the power amp draws the most current, and requires special attention when it comes to ampacity, however, knowing what you are trying to address with other cables can yield a more desirable result. For example, magnetic fields from linear supplies can ingress into interconnects, and while linear supplies can provide a cleaner power for the device, it’s magnetic fields are much stronger than a good switching supply due to the size of transformers. And this magnetic field can certainly pass through cable shielding. This is where interconnect wire geometry (like star-quad) and location (separation) can make a big difference. Use quality wire, and keep as much separation from power as you can, especially wall warts. Keep equipment with linear supplies separated from other devices as much as reasonably available. (don’t stack them on top of each in other words)


Thanks for the helpful insight!


Has anyone else noticed that the DSD Sr is most sensitive to power cable quality of all their components?
I just picked up used, a Shunyata Python Alpha pc and it made a very noticeable, very nice difference in my dac. Not so much in the DMP and almost not at all in my amp.


Interesting! I’ll have to try this out as well on my Gain Cell DAC. Thanks for posting your experience.