With Stellar Power Plant 3, which is the most important power cable?

I’ve got a Stellar Power Plant 3, and am curious about the relative importance of quality power cables. Specifically, I’ve got some nice power cables going between the P3 and my amps, and likewise have a decent power cable between the P3 and the Power Port Classic socket. But if I were looking to slowly upgrade those power cables, which should I start with first? Which will provide the most sonic benefit?

The cables from my amps to the P3? Or the cable from the P3 to the socket?

And yes, I didn’t mention preamps. I’m not using one. Though happy to hear about that too. And did not mention input sources (DACs, phono amps, etc.) as those all have spectacular power cables now.


PS - I assume this question has the same answer for all of the power regeneration products, I just happen to have a Stellar Power Plant 3.

Right. Indeed, a better power cable makes for a better sound. That’s true for the input power cable as well as the ones connecting the equipment to the P3.

Think of it like a hose. If you have a small hose on the P3 input you restrict what can come in, making the regenerator’s job that much harder.

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Thanks for the reply Paul.

If I’m understanding your point correctly, it’s all important. And yes, I get that. But it sounds like that if you were forced to pick, the primary cable coming into the P3 from the socket would rise to the top in importance, as everything (potentially multiple other cables) are downstream from that.

I did not want to go into it in my OP, as I did not want to cloud the question. But I’m asking because I’ve got a pair of M700 mono blocks, and the power cable upgrades I put on them are decent, without being over-kill for my system. Same went for the power cable from the socket to the P3, though I did go for slightly better cable there.

But recently I got a line on a really nice power cable, and bought it. And it’s now between the P3 and the socket. Sounds like it’s in in the right place. Had you indicated the the top priority would be between the P3 and the amps, I’d have to spring for another one of the “nice” cables.

Thanks for the advice. But while I’m on the subject, I’ll take the opportunity to say how happy I am with the Stellar Power Plant 3. Everyone knows about those wonderful listening sessions that sometimes happen late at night, when - somehow - your system just sounds SO much better than normal. For me, the P3 brings about 70% of that improvement to my system. But it’s all the time. Not just late at night. :slight_smile: One of my best hifi investments, ever.



I believe the cable going into your component is the most important because that is the last one going into your component and you will hear that one the most. Putting a bad sounding one there even if you put a better one in front of the power plant will not help. Putting a good one at the component and putting a bad one in front of the power plant will still be better sounding.

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I can see three possible rationalizations here.

First, - you stated @waymanchen11 -

Second - the P3 is feeding everything, so if you choke that, you’re choking everything. So it gets top priority. I believe Paul was alluding to that.

Third - you can’t pick. Both are equally important, because a chain is only as strong as it’s weakest link.

IMO those all sound reasonable, which is why I asked. And as before, I think Paul is alluding to the second option (above), being the correct one.

Excellent, and yes, sound like you’re on the right track. Have fun!

Thank you sir. Fun is being had. :slight_smile:

Honestly, I GET the “weak link” reasoning too. But the power cables I have on the M700s now are already “good”. And I certainly can’t afford to upgrade them to the same level as the cable on the P3. That was a one-time, great deal on the price of a wonderful power cable. This is a hobby where we manage where we direct our available funds, through careful decisions made in conversations like these. Thanks again for the help.