Power conditioner

I want to buy a power conditioner, but i have now idea how to measure up my system against what i need? I have 4 power lines that come direct from the main fuse box that go directly to my listening room.

2 outlets each go to a Vincent sp991 plus 2x300watt 8ohm or 2x600watt in 4 ohm for my Irs Beta Bass towers

1 goto a Audio research hd220 2x220watts which i use on my Irs Beta panels…

And the last one goes to my Audio reseach LS17, nad m51dac, IRS Servo and my Nad m50 media player…

Qusetion is, how and where need to put in a power plant? I don´t think running 3 amps on the same outlet is a good idea?? or?


Acoustic treatment is on its way!!!

I would start with a P10 for your sources and preamp. Then, you could put your AR HD220 on it and see if makes a significant difference. A P5 would be ok if don’t want your amps on a power plant.

Cool system! You deserve a Power Plant to make this really sing. I agree with busterfree (what is that horrible picture for busterfree’s avatar?) that a P10 would be the right equipment to start with. Depending on how loud you play the system you might get away with a single P10 but if not, you can run everything from the P10 and perhaps run the Beta’s woofer amp separately into one of your dedicated outlets. It’d make quite an improvement.

What is so horrible about my avatar? It was an advertisement for my speakers many years ago.

Oh! Nothing, now that I see it. In the small picture it looked more like a dead body with blood on the legs. Sorry. I get it now.

I had also wondered, not able to visually parse the tiny picture.