P10 Incoming! Need some suggestions!


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New user here, now that my Forum Login isse has been sorted out.

I had this long post I typed out the other night, but it got lost when my login issue cropped up, so I’m going to post my truncated version now.

Long story short, I’ve been told my P10 is shipping this Friday! This is a huge expense for me, and not one I do lightly. But the PS Audio philosophies resonate with me, and I’ve always felt that Power, Damping/Isolation, and Room Treatment are the foundation that any decent system really needs. My system is www.decware.com based, as Steve of Decware also has audio philosophies that align with my own - and Steve is good people to boot.

So I’m trying to sort out and plan my setup with the P10 on the way, and I just recently took delivery of my new Decware Zen Mystery Amp. I’m hoping I can get some thoughts/guidance/suggestions on setup, as it is a bit complicated, and I am working on a budget. (the Zen Mystery Amp and P10 being my first big steps into a much higher end world)

My two channel system and my Home Theater (projection) are in the same room.

Two channel system is very simple. Oppo BDP-105 -> Zen Mystery Amp -> Decware MG944 speakers

I sometimes borrow the 21" sub with 2000 watt Behringer EP 2500 to make it a 2.1 setup

Home Theater setup is - Home Theater PC or Oppo BDP-105 -> Onkyo SR805 -> Behringer EP 2500/21" Subwoofer -> Mitsubishi HC5500 Projector

Power- I have 3 dedicated 20 amp circuits with dedicated grounds, on hospital grade outlets.

One outlet for Behringer EP 2500, one outlet for Home Theater PC and Onkyo, one outlet for Oppo/Decware gear.

Currently I have three Monster HT5100 power centers, a Trip Lite (1200 or 2400 watt, I forget which) Lab Grade Power conditioner I rescued from an AT&T lab, and a Trip Lite 1000watt Isolation Transformer all at my disposal, and really haven’t heard any improvement using any of this gear.

So, I’ve read recommendations that you should have a power conditioner before the P10 to help filter the power before it goes in, but then the manual says no, except for the Soloist. So which is it?

Is bad to put a Home Theater PC on the same Power Regenerator as my Home Theater Amp and Decware Mystery Amp?

Finally, which gear should I put on the P10, and which must go directly to the wall? I’m afraid that the Behringer EP 2500 (assuming 15+ amp draw at full tilt) and the Onkyo 7.1 receiver (says 9.5amp draw) might be too much for the P10, and I just simply can’t afford another PS Audio Power Regenerator anytime soon. I think the P10 should be able to handle the Mystery Amp (155 watts with a 5 amp fuse), Behringer EP 2500 (assuming I’m not running it full tilt for 2.1 listening), Oppo, and Projector.

I know, that’s a lot of information and ultimately I should trust my ears; I’m just looking for suggestions to get me started. I’m sure I’ll be playing with the P10 for a week or two just to see what it can handle and how it helps each piece of gear, and all the gear together!




Wow, I wrote way more than I realized. LOL


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The P10 can handle a lot of connected equipment. I assume you won’t be using your stereo and home theater systems at once so one of the other should be idling at any given point so I don’t see much problem with connecting both. I suspect that the subwoofer may be a bit much and also may not get as great a benefit from the P10 but try it and see what you think. You do not want to put any kind of power conditioner ahead of the P10 that restricts current to any significant degree. I would not use any of those you mentioned for this purpose and would run the P10 straight into the wall (a Soloist would be fine too as it does not restrict current much, as I understand it (don’t have one myself)). Good luck and happy listening!

Edit: keep in mind that the actual draws of your equipment will rarely equal the stated maximums and the P10 has a lot of reserves for brief peaks. I would go ahead and plug the Onkyo in (use the outlets designated as high current). If the current draw exceeds the P10’s abilities it will just pass through unregenerated power but that should be quite rare.


Thanks Steve! That’s pretty much the plan I had. Try everything, but I figured the Subwoofer amp would have to go straight to the wall.

I’m having trouble finding the Soloist anywhere, do they still make them?

I’m already planning on adding another 2000 watt subwoofer setup. I have a hand-me-down amp and purchased a couple 18" drivers on closeout; those with the 21" should level out the room much better! (or I could even use one on each system)

I’m really looking forward to the P10, and maybe in a year or two getting whatever version of the PS Audio DAC is out. I think only something up to the caliber of the PS Audio gear would make me take the jump off the Oppo - the Oppo does surprisingly well for what it is!


I don’t think the Soloist is currently in production. The PerfectWave PowerBase incorporates a similar passive conditioner, though.


Yeah, unless I find a refurb/used really, really cheaply, the PowerBase it out of my pricerange.


Yeah I would try to connect everything first, then experiment with taking one component out of the P10 to see if it makes a diff. The P10 has some serious power behind it. Also make sure you get an AC-12 and connect it to the P10, that makes a world of difference! I even noticed a difference with a brand new AC-12 over a burned in one that was significant, so I burned in my AC-12 using the Oppo 24/7 for a few days and that helped immensely as well. Good luck, the P10 is a hell of a piece in your system.


The PowerBase is undoubtedly nice but by no means essential. I don’t have one myself and run the P10 directly into a dedicated 20 amp circuit. I am more than happy with the result (but then I’ve been using PSA power conditioners since the P300).


Welcome Lonely Raven.

The PSA Soloist is available as a rebranded unit of which I have several and they work quite nicely. I am not sure that they will add much to your new P10, but at this price they are worth giving a try. You could also use them elsewhere.



Nice diffusers! Are they DIY?



I think that you have made some wise decisions in your choice of audio equipment. Having said that, I also believe that P10 is more than capable of doing it’s job unaided. Some day I might find myself the owner of one of these units, but for now, I am still very happy with the P300 that I own. Anyway, some of the conditioners/protectors that you have owned in the past, were pretty much the same route as I went. In the end, I use the P300 as mentioned and a BPT balanced power conditioner for gear not supported by the P300. Both of them are excellent products. If I were in your camp though, and owned a P10, it would be the only piece used. Wow, I’m starting to talk in circles, but I hope that I have helped.