Power cords for Stellar Amplifiers

Quick question about replacing the power cords on the Stellar M700 and S300 amplifiers. I just ordered 3 m700’s and 3 s300’s for my home theater, do I need to use a heavy gauge power Cable ie 8,9 or 10 gauge, or would a smaller 12 gauge digital cable work fine. Any help on this matter would be greatly appreciated

I use 10ga power cables for my 3 M700s running LCR. It just didn’t seem right to use the stock cable on these guys…

Perhaps those with a better understanding of electricity will chime in to explain the benefits and how this happens…

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M700s here. Using 10ga here too. I don’t have a Power regenerator, but the M700s seem happiest in my system when plugged directly to the wall with no power filtering. I’ve tried some different power filters, all with similar results.

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NA201. I find these work great on any digital source, computer, class D amps, Ethernet switch, etc. min. qty is 5 for $125 shipped I believe. It’s been a few years since I purchased. They’re made for data centers with high density racked gear with high powered CPU and GPU workhorses. They mostly keep the junk from leaving the device and ‘infect’ your analog devices.

They’re rated at 10a 120v. If a Stellar device pulls a continuous 10a for more than the time it takes for the fuse to pop I’ll buy them from you.

Save your big dog cables for amps, preamps and even DACs but try the Eupen on DACs as they typically are very light loads.

I use this beast to feed my P10 and the smaller cousin for the BHK 250. Everything else has a Eupen ferro-shielded.