Power Cords

M700 mono amps (for now until I can purchase the M1200 monos) upgraded power cord recommendations PLEASE !
Fire away with them ladies and germs :slight_smile:


These are wallet friendly:

I use 4 of his .5’s in custom lengths the .1’s would be more than enough for M700’s.

Under $200 CDN so $150 US each.

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Like Goldilocks said “not to high and just right”
I would also use them on the upcoming M1200 monos
$1K (or so) and down

It’s getting cold outside so just to stoke the fire a little…


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Anyone own or auditioned LessLoss C-MARC power cable ?

Triode Wire Labs for Class D amps.


My only comment to the linked articles is Galen Gareis is working on some power cables which I assume will be sold by Blue Jeans Cable. I think they will be reassessing their position …

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I noticed that. It looks like the cables are made by Beldon and are being assembled by BJC in Washington.


I did read some on the Iconoclast site and liked the summary statement.

“These designs are all, in a certain sense, “impractical.” They represent optimization of design constrained only by what can feasibly be manufactured, without regard for cost of manufacture – engineering unconstrained by budget. As a result, they are substantially more costly to make than conventional products are, while also being priced substantially below some of the stratospheric prices one sees in the high-end audio world. Whether this is an expense which will be worthwhile for you is precisely the judgment that only you, not we, can make; but if you are seeking the best in audio performance, we encourage you to give Iconoclast a try.”

Plus that BJC article is 9 years old at this point. Lotta water under the bridge.

True Beef. I think the statement from Iconoclast nails it. It’s up to each individual to decide what is worthwhile considering the budget constraints if any they have to work within.

I have gone on the following progression with my BHK 300 Amps:
NRG then
Analysis Plus Silver Oval then
Anti Cable reference 3 then
Shunyata Alpha NR then
Shunyata Sigma NR

From that group I think the best bang for the buck for your set up would be AntiCables. Look for them used. I have a couple sitting idle right now but will use them in my second system. Frankly I thin your best cable should be on your DAC.


If you know an electrician, I’d recommend thinking about diy. I have made some amazing cables using furutech copper nfc plugs and the newer Supra SPC silver plated copper cable. The cost is not too prohibitive and the results are amazing. I’m using them on my BHK Preamp, IDSD Dac and pass Labs power amp. Smooth treble, good timbre and nice tight bass. Make sure your use connectors with rhodium plating as the gold wears too easily. The carbon based dissapation layer that is used instead of metal shielding may be part of the open sound of this cable.
IMHO and in my system etc…

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Another vote for Triode Wire Labs. I use a combination of Pete’s Seven Plus, Ten Plus and Twelve Plus cords from the American series for all of my components. Including a Seven Plus with my Pass amp. I’m a very hard sell when it comes to AC cords, more often then not aftermarket cords do more harm than good IMO. Triode Wire Labs cords are the exception. Reasonably priced, beautifully made and they work.


Kimber Kable PK10 Palladian (now known as Summits) have worked wonders in my system. YMMV.

Cable Co will let you trial several before going all in.

Another insightful review - https://audiobacon.net/2019/08/17/27-audiophile-power-cables-reviewed/

Enjoy the rabbit hole.

I have one and I like it. I can’t agree with the reviewer that it rolls off some treble. it’s quite the opposite in my system.
The one real negative for me is the gigantic and heavy contraption attached to the center of the cable.
This heavy garbanzo wants desperately to make it’s way to the floor, gravity being what it is.
I supported mine because I don’t like this weight pulling down on the IEC.

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I’ve been using Cullen Cable and Signal Cable for power cords.
I like the Cullen Cable PC’s the best. Excellent Cable!

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I have approx. SIX Crossover Series 2 of Patrick’s power cords you can buy.
T spring for Triode Wire Labs TOP power cords and replaced the Cullen.
Tom - NJ

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I use a couple PSA cables. One is the “so freaking thick you can hardly bend it” model. That runs wall to Niagara. To my amp I run the 2M “This one at least can turn a mild corner” version. But here is one moderately priced and I like it. I use the Ref 4.

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