Power filter - some questions

Have any one here used power filter strap instead of power plant , and how good they are to the sound quality ?

i found this CLEF POWERBRIDGE - 10 and see people have good reviews for it
This is its spec:

  • Current rating: 15 amps
  • Operating Voltage: 190 to 250 VAC
  • Spike Protection Modes: L-N, N-G, L-G, zero ground leakage
  • Spike Clamping Voltage: 710 Vpk @ 200 amps
  • Response time: 1 nanosecond
  • Maximum surge current: 26,000 amps (8 x 20 mS pulse)
  • Maximum spike energy: 760 Joules L-N, 190 Joules L-G and N-G, 1,140 Joules total
  • Noise attenuation:
    10 dB @ 10 kHz
    46 dB @ 100 kHz
    100 dB @ 1-10 MHZ

My systems is just pair of M700s and SGCD and on streamer CXN V2

Thank you

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The plc (poweer line conditioner ) that worked for me is the
discontinued PS Audio Quintessence…

From the owner’s manual:

The next position is the Incoming THD measurement. This measures the percent of harmonics
present on the incoming AC line. Typical in a home is between 2% and 5%. Harmonics are
generated by distortions in the AC waveforms, clipped top of the sine wave and added noise. These
are undesirable.
The Quintessence can not improve or repair the distorted AC sine wave. Only a Power Plant AC
regenerator can do that. The Quintessence will, in fact, clean anything above 2kHz, including some
harmonic distortion.

The Quintessence Power Center is a state of the art AC
power conditioner producing clean and protected AC
power. The Quintessence Power Center has a revolutionary
new filter inside that cleans the AC power all the way into
the audio frequencies. Before the Quintessence, passive
power conditioners were restricted to 50kHz and above.
Now, with the Quintessence Power Center, cleaning of
noise from the AC line occurs at frequencies down to
2kHz! Clean AC is essential to optimize the performance
of your connected equipment.

The filter employed was a large sized nano crystaline
material developed by Hitachi…

This thing worked very well for me…but was not a regenerator.

Previously I used a Tripp Lite LC1800 voltage stabilizer and condtioner.
The plc aspect didn’t start till well in the mghz range…useless for audio.
Didn’t improve a thing in my system.

Results with plc will vary by manufacturer design and quality of
parts used…

In all of this plcs will not recreate a clipped ac sine wave and make a new
perfect ac sine wave…that only a regenerator can…this then is the ultimate
ticket for perfect clean ac power 24/7 …

Thinking that my Quintessence could not be bested …years later I acquired a
P5 regenneator…difference was an amazing night - day difference.

Hope this helps…


This is a surge protecting power bar. It’s not a regenerator; nor is it a filter.
It’s like saying: I found a wheelbarrow, will it work as well as a pickup truck?

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What are you trying to convey ?

It’s like saying: I found a wheelbarrow, will it work as well as a pickup truck?

and to which are you referring to?

Per the noise attenuation spec, it does provide some modest filtering starting @ 10 kHz (I differ with nikolay on that point, although he may be thinking about filtering in a different frequency band). Many years ago a power distributer with modest filtering, like this unit, is where I started for my hifi system. Made little difference to SQ but did provide some comfort that my expensive audio gear was protected from surges. Today the only use I have for a power distributer of that type is for my computer gear (the laptop I’m typing on is plugged into one). For your M700s, SGCD and streamer save your pennies for a power conditioner/line stabilizer/regenerator designed for audio and/or home theater. If you purchase that Clef unit you are going to wind up spending more in the end for a true audio power conditioning solution, I assure you.


Thank you for your helpful comment. If we have money to buy all stuffs at the same time then we don’t need to ask people these questions, power plant is #5 on my to do list after amp, dac, speakers and cables.then the power plant.

The High end DAC/AMP will create dfiferent in SQ while power plant could not help SQ improvement much as DAC and Speakers do. that why it is nearly bottom on my todo list.

So my questions now is : I have a 1200VA ( about 900W at 0.8 PF) online UPS with double conversion AC -DC -AC again , should it be OK to use the audio system after that UPS ?

My M700 sound best when plugged right into the wall with an upgraded power cable. I’ve tried a variety of filters and nothing sounds better than the wall. Right now to increase outlets, I’ve got a Pangea Quattro Premier XL (no filter) to a PS Audio Power Port Classic on my dedicated circuit line. As a disclaimer, I’ve never tried a Power Plant, but hope to one day.

Jitters exist every time everywhere with electronic devices existing, the replacement of power outlet is enough? event with good power cables that matter goes way?

My experience also is amplifiers sound best plugged directly into the wall rather than employing filters.

I hope you get an opportunity soon to try a PowerPlant. They work superbly.


Power Plant is still in my … wishlist, save penies for more critical thing now. the sounding part with Monitor Audio Gold 200… ( platium line is out of reach)
So just try what best can do with current bugdet now
Power plant is the long run - next year.

The Idea of reuse the online UPS is that I just move all my personal cloud platform servers to use the solar panel to save bucks with ATS switch to grid when solar panel off in the evening. 24/7 up time takes lost of bucks in monthly bill

the UPS under the rack


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I have used the PSA Dectet before. Combined with the right power cables, the system gave me an amazing sound quality. However, given my voltage was not stable, system’s sound quality was inconsistent and varied. Also, I had major issues with surge and spikes that tripped the Dectet more than once a day. Else, the SQ was very satisfactory even from devices that have high quality power supplies.

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@Serhan Did you still use that PSA Detect center or move to power plant ? if you now just spare it, inbox me in case you don’t use it