My new P12 output different voltage than on the display

I didn’t notice it before but when I measure the voltage with two different meters, I get a reading that is 2v above what’s on the unit’s display. The display says 120v output, but I measure 122.2v on the output outlet. On the wall outlet I measure 123.2v which is fine since it’s always about that high no matter when I measure the incoming voltage, even months and years ago. I live near a power distribution location.
When I change the output voltage on the unit’s display to 118v, I get 120.1v on the output outlet of the unit, so the P12 is off by about two volts.
I don’t know if this can be adjusted, but I can’t hear a difference between the two volts. The P12 does sound incredible. Much better than everything plugged into my old PS audio Quintessence, which was better than everything plugged to the wall.
Everything sounds more at ease with more inner detail and less harshness in the upper region, much more musical with the P12. I’m so glad I decided to give regeneration a try.

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Curious as to what you are using to measure the outlet. Two VOM meter confirmation was a good idea. I have one (P12) ordered, and I’ll be sure to check mine as well. Glad you’re liking the P12. Are you upgrading from another power plant, or is this a completely new installation?

I am upgrading from a power conditioner, a PS audio Quintessence which looks like a power plant Premier but is not a regenerator, just a conditioner. I never use a regenerator before. I didn’t want the heating and wasted energy from a regenerator, but having now heard one and how much better it sounds, I would never go back to just power conditioning again.

I actually have a Quintessence (and a P5.) I use the Quintessence for my subwoofer and for my cooling fans.

I use one of these (link below) for my P5, and my P12 might see one too. My stuff is in a cabinet, so several of these T8 devices rest on my components to keep things reasonable cool in the cabinet (between 80-90F)

Interesting. All my component is on a open rack and the P12 is in a cabinet but seems like it doesn’t get that hot even when I have everything blasting away all day so I guess I don’t need additional cooling. Most cooling fans are a bit noisy.
The reason I found out about the voltage difference is that I’m running a up converter to 230v from the P12 to a pre-amp that is 230v and when plugged into the Quintessence, the voltage from the converter is 250v which is a bit high because the incoming voltage to my house is 223v. Now when I turn down the voltage on the P12 to 118v which when measured is actually 120v, I get 238v from the converter, which is more reasonable.

Smart man. As you now know the regenerators we make don’t have much in the way of heat, they “waste” only 15% of the total energy they supply. That’s not much to ask for the level of performance they provide.

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My P5 will get up around 92F cabinet temperature without a fan on it, so I prefer a bit less heat being stored near the device. I may not need one for my P12. I’ll know once I have it up and running.

No need for a fan if it stays cool.

I had a P5 for a couple years, then briefly a P12 and finally a P20. None of them generated enough heat to be concerned about.

It wont heat the house, but too warm for my liking.