Power Grid in TX

Looks like Ercot is throwing 5volts extra to power grid tonight P20 is running at 129.5 volts incoming. Usually at 124.5 Volts. Trying to avoid the February Freezepocolypse of 2021. Interesting it changes the sound the higher voltage. A bit of a detriment running DSP turning it off it sounds better. That never happens. Must be digital filtering doesn’t appreciate the difference.

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Interesting, higher V changes sound, I thought the whole purpose of regen power is to provide steady clean power.
I am in Houston, nothing change here (yet)

Luckily I have Genrac in standby this time.



The Spec only says it can handle 5 percent over set voltage which is 120V. Apparently it takes more for unit to fault. Right now in the AM grid is running 127.3V input.

Perhaps since

it can’t keep output voltage at 120V it was sounding different?

Happy Cake Day Max!

Thanks Serhan!

Cold temperature has not yet reached Houston, it is still at normal 121V range. Will see if voltage will be cranked up later.

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I just saw this blurb in MSN news FWIW

Texas Power Outages Map, Updates as Winter Storm Leaves Thousands in Darkness (msn.com)

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So…, that would be …point 4 or .4 per cent of the 11,283,353 households in the State of Texas per the US Census. Its a major winter storm for gosh sakes; let’s talk facts, not political balderdash!!..and even more to the point, audio!

Here in 55 miles northwest of Austin, 25 degrees, 35 mph winds, snow and sleet, 123 stable volts in and pure, beautiful music out, thanks to “Sunlight” on a cloudy day. (-:

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The worst will hit here on Friday where temperatures drop near where it was last year where systems shut down. This drop is more gradual front and not as sustained cold during day. Hopefully heating systems got a head start to smooth out the sudden peaks and gas delivery equipment will be stabilized and not freeze up.

I will rerun calibration of my DSP since I wrapped so many power cables with RF shields combined with voltage output by P20 The high frequencies being cut are way out of wack running a Room Perfect focus position the highs and mids are somewhat missing. The Global and Bypass modes are really quite good. I suspect Galen’s new series 2 cables will require another calibration too since timing snd phase filters needed will likely change


Hang in there Texans


Well 24 hours later incoming power to P20 came down to 124.5V. Lows tonight warmer than predicted. Sound is back to normal and clearly magical without doing a DSP recalibration. The P-20 despite what it can do on a normal grid levels, the grid extremes of high incoming distortion or high voltages are still easy to pickup on my system by ear despite what the P20 output numbers display. Perhaps it is the other household items powered by nasty power coming through in RF. I still would not live without one that is for certain.

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