Anyone tried increasing the voltage output of their regenerator past 120volts?

Hey friends,

Anyone tried increasing the voltage output of their regenerators past 120volts? I know in the states components should technically be able to handle a range of 114 V to 126 V (RMS) (−5% to +5%).

Has anyone seen benefits bumping their voltage up a small amount?

Mine cranks out 230 volts.

I have experimented with this on numerous occasions and do not find any advantage.


Thanks Paul!

I’ll keep it at 120 then.

Everything in my system feels right at 118 volts :sunglasses:

The 5 % variation is because the utility power provider can not maintain a strictly 120 V on the grid, the voltage fluctuates with demand and supply, during day time the grid voltage is typically lower due to daytime industry operation.

The strength of the PS Audio power regenerators is that they nicely maintain a clean sinusoidial constant 120 Vac RMS.

If it ever matters, higher voltages might stress out the components a bit more.
I wouldn’t loose any sleep about 6 Vac overvoltage on 120 Vac, unless it’s a really poor circuit design, which it cannot be as in most electrical safety standards all over the world, equipment has to be designed to cope with a certain voltage fluctuation.

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