Power Plant on PC music server?

I am using a purpose built PC music server. I am not sure it can benefit from a power plant. Since the power supply out of it and everything else inside a PC is very noisy. I am not sure that supplying it with clean input will help it any? Certainly does not hurt I guess but not sure it makes any improvement. Any one running a power plant on a PC music server? Results? Thanks

Okay, I guess no one does this. So I suppose the answer is no, it will not help anything on a PC. As I figured.

Why wouldn’t it? My P3 is probably not powerful enough to handle the outdated Mac Pro I have at my workplace PLUS the playback system, but if I had, say, a P20, I would sure put this in front of everything. At least replacing the standard power cord of the Pro with a better one did improve the sound. So my guess is, a power plant will improve it further.

Not sure but I can certainly try it. I have 2 P20’s and a P12 here. I am thinking the inside “guts” of a PC are so “noisy” that clean power coming in makes no difference to what the PC does once it goes through the PSU. Even PC PSU’s are terribly noisy. I am not sure if it will make a difference or not but can certainly try it. I find a Bonafide PC to be much better than a dedicated music server. Although I am sure a music server has much less noise. I might just switch to a music server and put it on the P12.

I replaced a high end power “conditioner” I recently got with a P12. The difference was incredible. Literally night and day. I could hear it immediately. It was a transformation. Power is very bad here. It is a very high end system but “small” in that it only draws 450W peak.

I just switched from an old laptop to a Nucleus, and the SQ improvement was huge.
I also got a Lumin U1, which sounds better than the Bridge and the Matrix (it should, given the price difference).

That’s the way to go. Let us know what you find out.

To avoid a misunderstanding: I am not using my Mac Pro as a music server. I’m using it for recording and editing in ‘Logic Pro’, together with a Metric Halo LIO-8 ADC/DAC interface connected via Firewire. Apple is probably taking care of their clients in the pro audio market, so their machines may be a bit… errr… less noisy. Don’t know. I can’t complain about what I get out of it.

Philippe, you pulled the trigger! Awesome, glad to hear your results are so good. I’m receiving my Auralic Aries G2 next week. Can’t wait.

Hi @kylemillsap,

Like you said, we are on the same quest, the quest for the holy grail :blush:
Auralic was on my short list, along with Innuos.
Let me know how you like it.


I will. What was the most glaring improvement over the Bridge2 with your U1?

It sounds like you are there, when and where it was recorded.
Awesome !
The bridge and matrix are great, but in comparison, they sound like a recording.

Wow, the bridge really sounds good, any improvement will be welcome at my house. Just when you think it can’t get any better!

I have my Dell XPS 8930 set up as my Roon core with a Western Digital PR4100 NAS for storage, When I got the P3 about two months ago, everything but the Dell and my ML subs got plugged into the P3, and the sound improvement was outstanding. But, I needed more outlets, so when I got my Tax refund, I put in for a P12, which yesterday I put in instead of the P3, and got another improvement in SQ, although not as great. Today, I hooked up the Dell, and the subs to the P3, and you guessed it, another improvement. So, at least in my case, putting the server on any of the regenerators makes the music better. My, oh my, I’m listening to Smokey Robinson live at the moment, and I am having soundgasms. I never heard him sound SOOOOOO good.

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Computers with noisy power and processors is just asking for trouble. There are a increasing number of low noise units such as from Roon, Auralic and Innuos. I use the latter and it makes a huge difference.

I plugged my PC, my Switch, and well, everything into my P20. Seems fine except for this rash on my

My P3 handles two Martin Logan Dynamo x1100 subs and a Dell XPS 8930 with no problem. The old Mac Pro should be a piece of cake for it.

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The P3 made a significant improvement to my Dell XPS 8930 which serves as my Roon core.