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I returned home from a few days away and discovered some electrical nasty took a wireless speaker (but not the other) and the wall warts that charged cell phones. Oddly nothing else seemed affected. – the PC, routers, modem, printer, monitor, espresso machine or really anything plugged in – until i got the music room.

What i found was odd - The PowerPlant was plugged into the wall and all the components into the PP. One Sub, the PS BHK Pre, and the PS DS Jr DAC were dead. Left working were the PP, the Pass Amp, the electrostat Quad 57s and the other Sub…

I am just wondering why the PP would have protected some of the components and not the others? I am not complaining since replacing the fuses in the dead components revived them, but still. I was thinking that they would be protected from such electrical nasties. I would be grateful for feedback from PS Audio Power leadership on this one. Then there is the question of why only the other three devices (chargers and wireless speaker) but nothing else (except the select stereo components) blew in the house but i wouldn’t ask PS A. to try to address that one.

And a related question, i have a generator that fills the occasion gap in service. When that kicks in, sometimes, i get a clicking on the PP. All works find, but the click is a little annoying. And reason why that happens?

Many thanks!

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Glad replacing the fuses revivied your audio gear. Folks at PSA may have answers after Easter weekend.

Sounds like a lightning strike or a huge power surge.

I have the same fears as to electrical storms. I am considering a series-mode (Zerosurge or Brickwall type) surge suppressor between the wall and the PP15. I hope PSA can comment on this situation.

one other thing before I go…a direct lightning strike relatively close to one’s house will do some strange things…my understanding is that “all bets are off” with ANY type of surge suppressor in a near strike situation. I have heard this all my life living here in the lightning alley (Denton, TX)…

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Gentle push to PS Audio on the original note. Had some speculative observations and good wishes, but really seeking an informed reply from PS Audio please.

I suggest contacting PS Audio service directly to discuss your situation. Asking for a response through the forum is inefficient at best.


Toll free 1-800-PSAUDIO

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Good suggestion, thanks.