P10 and amp failure/problem

Hi all PSA friends,
I need some explanation from PSAudio!
Yesterday I was listening my Reel Tape Recorder through my amp.
Perfect sound until I heard a loud bang and the electricity went out in all house!
My P10 was dead, I replaced the fuse, blown again.
Good, It could happen, it is some years old unit.
I disconnected all components from P10 and tried to connect to wall sockets.
I found amp in defect mode after starting up time!
I want to ask somebody How is the possible when the defect is in P10 it could damage connected amplifier? And quite expensive amplifier… I will pay I know, but it is warning for all other users of P10 at least.
Thanks for moral support.


I am really sorry for you. I am going to follow your journey very closely. I have a P10 and have counted on it protecting my gear.

Is it at all possible that the culprit is Vitus and not the P10?

start to think. What can amplifier produce on on the primary side of transformer to kill PS Audio? I can not imaging what. High voltage? How? DC current? Impossible…
Sorry, I think this is PS Audio fault and I am starting to think of repair and risk another the same situation?

If the power went out in your whole house and not just the circuit the P10 was on why would you guess that either piece of gear was the cause. Take the P10 and the Vitus into another part of the house on another breaker and see if they power up normally. Breakers themselves can go bad over time.


I’ve had a P10 go faulty and output low voltage with high distortion. I think it was also outputting DC because two connected BHK250s started to exhibit transformer hum. Once new regen boards were put in the P10 all was well again.

Edit - if a P10 blows its fuse it’s probably because the regen boards are faulty

Thank you, Dan! You got luck, amps stayed in order, but what can I do? I want to ask PS audio what will be their reaction.
I will report the story.

I had the exact same thought. If you lost power the the whole house I would look beyond the stereo equipment and question what else could have caused this…. Could there have been a lighting strike? Did the power to the house come back on its own, or did you have the reset a breaker in your panel? Might be worth calling the power company to ask if they had experienced any issues or had other costumers report any problems around the same time as you. Might also be a good idea to call an electrician to inspect your panel and service line / meter….

I am by no means an expert on the following, however if it was something external (losing power to the entire house) and it fried these components, depending on what kind of homeowners insurance you have you might be able to file a claim. Just a thought.


Sorry, I have to edit text!

I have a rule, I don’t plug amplifiers into anything but the wall. If it blows up plugged into an outlet, no one says it was the outlets fault. No. I should mention also that I have a P20 that I load upwards of 300 watts with. Razors edge for me.

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I repeatedly struggle to believe how a variety of such topics run uncommented by PSA for days or much longer and mostly finally unclarified for the public, but I absolutely understand that it’s not ELK’s task as an external (as long as forum rules are kept) and that it’s not possible by PSA, as there’s no staff mandated (except a Paul himself occasionally) for reliably picking up support or complaint topics.

Some use the forum as first support or complaint contact (which is probably not so effective if answers from PSA are expected), others after they had no luck with other channels.

Finally we should appreciate the transparency, which an in this regard (just like manufacturer independent forums) widely unmanaged platform brings (I assume, in threads like this one, there’s nothing evil minded or wrong reported). I wish the creators of such topics and PSA good luck in solving the matters.

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You’re making mountains out of mole hills. If one has a problem then simply contact PS Audio direct ? I’m in the UK, but when I have had a problem I contact Paul and he has always replied back to me. I do not make a habit of contacting him and / or contact him just for a cozy chat. Paul is busy. Ted is busy. The amount of times you’ve asked Ted a question - Ted would answer your question in great depth, but it was never enough for you, and you would ask Ted more and more questions all on the same subject. Time is precious!


I accept your opinion, however, if you’re the one I remember (I may be wrong) with the insane rusted PSA amp problems that were forum topic quite some time ago, then I wonder that exactly you made the above comment.

I do not feel addressed here. I recently tried to find out once or twice if and why Ted if out of the forum, but this was it. I don’t remember, when in the past I asked Ted more things or more about the same topic than most others in the threads.

You have tendencies that are obvious to everyone but you.
I am not usually troubled by them myself.
But they are there.

I wonder if we reposted some of your messages under a different username, would you have an argument with yourself?

Smiley Face.


:wink: I think I know my tendencies as much as most do or should for themselves and no, I think my messages are not so contradictory that I’d argue with myself :wink:.

But I accept that some or most are either more indifferent, ignorant or positively minded regarding those topics. I personally really partly can’t believe the one or other topic and process, but I may be negatively unique.

If you are unable to contact PS Audio service please email Paul directly.

I sent email to PSA via web, they sent me phone nr. of czech distributor for service. My friend had P5 in this service for 7month! But main question is defected amplifier! Is it my fault?

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Btw. Where is Ted?

I am in contact with PS Audio! I think it is on good way :blush:

If the only information you’ve provided to PS Audio is what you’ve provided here I don’t see how they could possibly help you resolve your problem remotely and certainly not assist you in an amplifier repair. Have you identified why the power went out in your whole house and not just the breaker the system was connected to? Did you have to reset the Mains breaker to restore power to your whole house. Is the circuit your system on a dedicated one or a common one used by other rooms and appliances? Does the Power Plant operate normally on another circuit. Have you had your panel checked by a licensed electrician since the event? All questions I would need answered if I was them. At least in the US I’m not sure what conditions could exist that would cause a faulty Powerplant to take out the power in a whole whose instead of just tripping a branch circuit breaker.

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Hi dawkinsj,
I am waiting for response of PS Audio in helping. Amplifier will be transported to factory for inspection. They were very surprised, never happened this case in history…
The main breaker is switched off because is quicker then normal fuse in audio circuit. It is normal condition, I am electrician. Power Plant is dead, I cannot replace fuse, it is burned again. There is a regen board with defect probably. There is short connection in P10. I will see what future brings…