Power Plant Performance Graphs

I’m curious what the Power Plant websites are representing in terms of the graphs. You show a Minimum (dark blue) and maximum (lite blue), but these themselves have ranges. For example on the bar chart for a single hour I’ll see the Dark Blue for wattage range from 225-275 watts while in the same hour it shows the maximum ranging from 275-410. I’m embedding my charts as depicted on the power plant web portal. It would be great if I could get some help interpreting them:

One last point, my equipment was unused the entire day shown in these graphs, though they are kept on as they always are. I have a Class A amp that is always drawing, but 400 watts with nothing going in? The others two pieces attached are both in standby (DSjr & BHK Pre). Any help interpreting would be greatly appreciated. Thanx!

A Class A amp is drawing the a large load current even when no input signal is applied; i.e., it is on all the time and whcn pushed draws even more current. The varied range within each hour surprises me as well however if the amp is not playing anything.

The bars on the graph show the range of values for a given hour. The line where the light blue and dark blue meet is the average. The depth of each color provides the range above and below the average.

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Between the class A amp and the Powerplant itself (overhead), you’ve got some nice room warming.

Keep in mind, these are samples taken and stored at intervals, perhaps every few seconds. It’s the trends that are more important vs. the precise value at a given point in time. The graphs represent the low, high and avg.

I don’t have any inside information, just a few months experience with my own P10. If you watch the scope details page on the display on the unit itself, you’ll see brief moments when the wattage and load values jump several hundred watts or so, then quickly back to steady state. I suspect it is these bursts of power supply current draw that establish the ranges shown in the graphs. The mean/average is more useful data over time.

Hope these theories help

Thank you Brett & Elk for the explanations. Very Helpful. Although I understand a Class A amp is always drawing, I’m surprised it is peaking at 400 watts. Every time I check the P12 ‘current’ metrics it says I’m drawing around 225 watts. Even when playing music at a decent volume, still right around 225-260 watts. I’ve never seen the ‘current’ draw anywhere near this peaks. I’m not doubting the numbers, just puzzled by them.

I turned the Amp completely off all day yesterday, so only drawing the DSjr and BHK pre, both in Standby mode, and my wattage ranged from 80-140 watts every single hourly measurement. Graphic below. Question for PSA - would you expect a DSjr and BHK-Pre while in Standby draw at times 140+ watts? Just curious.

Unplugged from the back of P12?

There is a large range showing in your performance data when everything should be steady-state during the idle period. When my system is at idle the performance graph looks like this, with rock steady idle current indicated.