Power Plant Premier differences in P5 and P10

I just recently purchased a used PPP, which I had to send in to PS Audio to have the regenerator fixed and updated.

Other than the new bells and whistles of the P5 and P10.

Speaking strictly about the regenerator, is there any difference between the PPP and the P5, P10???

A big difference in my opinion. The PPP does a good job with a smaller system, but in comparison the P5 and P10 both make the system feel as if there is much more headroom, dynamics are more noticeable, and imaging and soundstage are “amplified.” As I understand it the lower impedance output produced in the larger regenerators is a large part of the reason they sound so much better, but they do.

P5 and P10 can handle much wider voltage swings.

Not sure what you mean?? On the input side? Or trying to meet output demand by the gear plugged into it??

If (for example) you get 245 V in; or 215 (in 230V country), the PPP is expected to cut or boost 15V. I’m saying P5 / P10’s ability to cut or boost wider voltage swings is way better. If the power quality is good in your area, no problem … I don’t have that luxury in South Africa.
THD starts the suffer if too much cut/boost is required btw …

OK Thank you. That makes more sense. I wasn’t following your initial statement…

Yes, luckily here in Tennessee, USA, we have rather great quality power, as the government set up the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) for flood control and power generation for the development of nuclear weapons back in the 30’s and 40’s (Oak Ridge, TN The Manhattan Project)

My power is typically 121 +/- 1 VAC with THD of 1.4% in…

Thanks for the information!