Power Plant THD Reduction Capability?

csr78 posted in 2020 that his P20 would not work on generator power with 15% total harmonic distortion (THD). Paul & Bob showed in a youtube video that a P12 cleaned up 3.2% incoming THD to 0.1% on the output. I wonder what how capable is a P12 in cleaning up bad THD? Can it cleanup 10% THD? Or 5%?

I was hoping to use a P12 to power sensitive electronics, e.g. router, chargers, security system, during a power outage while my generator is on. Typically generators run at 12-20% THD according to most manufacturers unless I buy a really expensive inverter generator which outputs >5% THD. Or, is this a stupid idea?

Hers is a link to csr78’s original post:

My P12 is currently at a location with normally 0.9% incoming THD (today is at 1.5%), and the outgoing is at 0.1%
but was at a location with 8% THD that cleaned up nicely to 0.1%
I really cannot say how it would or would not work with an emergency generator.

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