Power Port

Hi Paul,

First of all, I had a 8 gauge power cord before and did not expect any big improvement when I purchased the AC-12 cable. I was dead wrong on this. The AC-12 improves everything on my system. The treble/midrange opened up widely with better soundstage and bass is more solid. Also, the sound was not very smooth when I turned up the volume but now I can listen to it for a long period of time without turning it down. I only have one word to say about the AC-12, Amazing!

I also purchased the Power Port at the same time, however, it undo all the good things about the AC-12 after I installed the Power Port to the wall. Does the Power Port needs to be break in like cables?



Thanks for the kind words! The Power Port does seem to need a bit of break in but I’ve not heard anything improve after 24 hours, though others claim differently.

Thanks Paul. Looking forward to buy the Lanrover when is out.

Thanks for sharing and welcome to the forum!