Power Supplies and Sound

Thought I would start a dedicated thread, since power supplies gets so much attention elsewhere on the Forum.

I’ll prime the pump with a new offering from across the pond:

@aangen: This could be “The One”. :wink:

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This has been advertised for months.

I like the idea of a variable voltage power supply, but are you paying for a facility you don’t need?

This unit can only feed one unit and there is a long established market for linear power supplies to the user’s exact specification that are a lot cheaper. This unit is more expensive than many of the compatible devices listed on the website. It may make sense with more expensive devices from the likes of Chord, Antipodes and iFi that are more power-hungry and competing external power supplies are at a similar price. I suspect this unit may be popular with users of good headphone DACs. It had a good review in HiFi News a few months ago.

This one, for example, cost me £235, not £1,000.

It’s doesn’t seem revolutionary, if it is better than the competition remains to be seen.

Alternatively: 24v 0.5A about $6,000.

Designed primarily for their direct drive turntables, produced the best sound I have ever heard from vinyl.

I have read a few reviews and watched a video or to on this one. It seems like a very good supply. I like that it is very adjustable as I trade gear in and out of my system on an hourly basis. No more being sad that my power supply can’t go where I have gone. Fun.

I do believe I will opt for Farads though. I don’t think there can be any other choice.

Peer Pressure.