How About a Directstream DC Power Plant?

How About a Directstream DC Power Plant?

New Product Idea: A Power Plant providing variable multiple and variable DC outputs of 3v to 19v!

I use a Small Green Computer Transporter i5 (12v DC input) and Sonore Microrendu (6-9v DC input, runs best on 7v DC input) which give me the very best sonics ever for “computer” audio, competitive and even better sounding than music servers costing much more! Also, I have a number of components which also use DC power input. All of these components use bricks to convert AC to DC. And connecting the bricks from power regenerators (I have 2 PS Audio P5 Power Plants) perhaps result in a bit of sonic improvement.

But recently I have acquired 3 HDPlex 100W linear power supplies. Each HDPlex comes with four DC outputs: (1) 5v (2) 9v adjustable from 5v to 19v by user (3) 12v (4) 19v

Adding the HDPlex linear power supplies, which are “fed” by my PS Audio P5s, has significantly improved my sonics, not only for home theater but particularly for 2 channel (5 Aerial Acoustics 7t speakers, 2 JL Audio f212 subwoofers, Theta Casablanca 4 SSP with Xtreme D3 DACs, etc).

Below is a list of components which are now powered by the HDPlex linear power supplies (note that the Microrendu is separately powered by a Sonore Signature Power Supply powered by a PS Audio P5):

HDPlex 100W LPS #1:

5v 1st TP-LINK MC200CM Gigabit Media Converters.

9v variable preset to 12v Netgear GS116NA 16 port ethernet switch

12v Small Green Computer Transporter i5

HDPlex 100W LPS #2:

5v 2nd TP-LINK MC200CM Gigabit Media Converters.

12v Linksys WRT1900AC Wireless Router/Access Point.

HDPlex 100W LPS #3:

9v variable preset to 12v WDMyCloud 8TB (MCh music)

12v Lumagen 2143 (ordered longer cable)

19v WDMyCloudEX4 16GB (2Ch music)

Note that I also have a DirecTV Genie system which has three DC power inputs in my audio theatre room as well - but for now these are connected to a PS Audio Quintet, which is powered by one of my PS Audio P5s.

There are some very large ongoing threads at the Computer Audiophile Forum concerning using linear power supplies to power DC input components and the significant sonic improvements going this route.

Paul, this would be a phenomenal product for PS Audio!

This is an intriguing idea. Right now, I only require PSU boxes for my fiber media converters in my headphone listening station, and on the converter for the Ethernet feed into my NADAC in the speaker system. Those are set up with Teddy Pardo regulated PSUs, one for each one. Excellent performance, inelegant logistics.

But, I have a couple of small devices in the video system that could benefit from an LPS [including a DirecTV Genie and an Amazon Fire], and something like the HDPlex [thanks for that link] or, even better, a PS Audio device, could be a very good addition.

This is a great idea. I have (I think) six items in my audio rack and vicinity that use DC; four run off an HDPLEX and two off their own bricks. Getting rid of all the bricks and replacing them with a power supply designed by an audio company that really knows how to make that sort of component would be excellent!