Power up issue

I connect my power amp ( conrad johnson premier one ) to the high current zone D of power plant 10. I keep the switch of premier one always on and use p10 tp turn on and off.

the power rating is only 600 watts, well below the max P10. But the starting current of premier one is so high, and the lamps of P10 all turn red in around 5 out of 10 switching on, needing reset.

Dear Paul is there any way to improve?

That’s really weird. Using the P10s HC outputs adds a slow start feature I have yet to see not work. I am suspicious the lights of the P10 dim so much. How big is your power cable feeding the P10?

The power cable is very thick DIY cable.

The screen also showed a signal of “short circuit”

I supposed that the starting current of my power amp is really too high. When it is directly connected to wall socket, the light dims when i turn it on.

is it a way to make the soft start becomes softer?

No, unfortunately we can’t control that. Sorry.

I finally get a solution

i start the p10 in sine wave mode. Switching on with the sinewave mode will cause red light much much less

then when the amp is stable i turn back into multiwave which gives a more solid bass. Before switching off i turn back into sinewave mode.

it is troublesome but it works.

I am glad you found a solution, but that is pretty awkward. :(

My solution is not working every time and it is not uncommon to try a few times before the system can be turned on. The starting current is still too high so the p10 senses it as short circuit.

the improvement in sound is substantial with the p10. It acts as a voltage regulator and the improvement in bass performance and spaciness is phenonmenal. So i dont intend to plug the power amp back to the wall socket.

i would ask Paul and your staff to improve the soft start function and benefit the gears with high starting current

I suspect the problem here is more on the amp side than the P10 side. Have you contacted c-j to see if they have any suggestions (like adding a current inrush limiter)? Have you tried using the amp’s power button to turn it on and off rather than the P10 to see if that makes a difference (probably wouldn’t)? The amp is rated at 200 watts. That’s a very big tube amp. The 600 watt draw you cite may be a good average draw but it probably draws a lot more than that when it is first charging the capacitors (all 4000 micro farads).

Dear Paul

i still facing the problem of starting my amplifier with power plant.

i think i need to install a soft start module between the amplifier and power plant.

im cloosing between modules using either resistor or thermister

May i know the component of soft starting in P10?

The soft start on the P10 is available through the first two outlet sets labeled High Current. There’s a power resistor in series with the outlet that limits the inrush current for a short period of time and then is shorted out with a relay. Simple, easy, effective. Make sure you don’t set the device to ‘always on’ so it does its thing.

Thx a lot Paul

Currently im plugging my power amp to the wall socket. Work perfectly, but no more magic in music

i think i need to add a module with a bigger current limitation and plug my amp back to P10.

The inrush limiter of the P10 220 volt version may be too low in resistance.

i hope this problem can be settled in future.

Really? I have seen huge amps, amps that would trip circuit breakers when plugged into the wall, start up perfectly on the P10. That surprises me you don’t have the same experience. What kind of amplifier?

Paul, the first post says its a c-j premier one.

I should have mentioned that the voltage here in Hong Kong is 220volt

Yes, I am aware it’s 220 volts, though I missed the CJ reference. Thanks. Does the P10 or the circuit breaker feeding the P10 shut off when powering the CJ?

The output indicators on the screen turn red. I need to turn off the switch on the back panel to reboot the p10 once it happens. Usually i will suceed after a few trials, probably the capacitors of the power amp have more charge, or when i can start at a different phase of AC power.

I finally settle the problem by putting a 5 ohm thermistor in series with my power amp. It limits the input surge. After a few seconds i bypass it.

Well done!

I have gone through your post and it is looking that the problem is on the amplifier side. P10 side is looking normal. Have you tried the current limiter?Also have you tried using the amp’s power button to turn it on and off rather than the P10 to see if that makes a difference? The amp is rated at 200 watts. That’s a very big tube amp.

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