Powerplant P10 issue - input but no output

Quick question – I’ve been successfully using a P10 power plant for well over a year now in my system (turntable, phono pre and ASR Emitter II amp; Quad 57 speakers with upgraded power supplies). Last night out of the blue I took my amp out of standby, heard a fairly loud “pop” from the speakers, and all the power was lost in my system. I checked the fuse box thinking that somehow I drew too much power (never happened before), and all was fine. Went back to the system and saw that the power plant screen was still lit up and the outlets green showing all is well. Didn’t make sense as no power was getting to any of the components. Pulled the fuse, and confirmed it was not blown. Started going through the screens on the P10 and saw that input voltage was normal (~120V), and output voltage was zero (the difference graph also confirmed this, as well as the output wave, which was flat-lined). So question, is there an internal fuse of some sort that regulates output power to the components? I’m sure this is a simple fix…



Has the circuit breaker tripped? There is a reset button on the back. Unplug everything from the unit, and the reset it if tripped.

I hope this takes care of it for you.

Tried that, didn’t seem to trip, but will try your suggestion of unplugging and resetting the unit again and will post in a few

no luck. still ~120V input (121.1V on the meter) and no output (2.9V actual on the output meter). When I reset the unit with the rear master power switch I hear the unit internally turning on and off and back on with appropriate delay.


It appears your unit needs to come home for a visit to Boulder.

bummer… that’s a heavy unit to be shipping around :frowning:

perhaps raise it with tech support before you ship it?


Definitely call before you ship it back. You need an RFA in any event.

definitely, will do!

Please report back. We both like to know a situation is resolved and we often can learn something from a failure such as this.

Try unplugging it overnight and even connect it to a different circuit in the AM if you can.