Powering my desktop computer with a P300

I hear a lot about how dirty the electronics are in the average computer. My desktop system includes an Asus computer from which I play CDs which I have ripped on to iTunes and Amazon HD music. Currently (no pun intended), I have my Schitt Saga pre amp, Schitt Bifrost DAC and Cambridge Audio CXC CD transport all powered by a P300 with Multi Wave II. I really like what the Power Plant does for those components, especially on P1. Does anyone know if there are repercussions to running a desktop computer on a Multi Wave setting, or if I would glean any appreciable benefits from doing so if it is feasible?

Unless your mains supply is particularly awful I would not have expected your computer to benefit from a regenerated supply. They are digital devices and more tolerant of the mains supply than audio equipment. They are however potent sources for interference and I would be inclined to keep them away from audio as far as possible, which includes not plugging them into the same regenerated supply.

Please note that these observations are the idle thoughts of an idle fellow who does not use power regeneration, and thus should not be accorded any great respect,. :slight_smile:

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Years ago there was a strong tireless advocate here of expensive power cords and other power treatments for audio computers, including while ripping - he claimed it made the resulting files sound better.

I put it into the try and see category.

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I don’t know about the desktop but the monitor will benefit from the clean power. Some people swear by them in an video application.

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I have completely removed by laptop from my audio system and am very happy.