Powerplay scheduler not working

I’ve just begun scheduling zone power on/offs and have found that the scheduler does not appear to work consistently. I don’t have enough cycles to have developed a pattern, yet, but I’m wondering if the scheduler actually works or is known to be inconsistent and/or broken?

Is the schedule saved to the device or is it dependent on a connection to powerplay.psaudio.com?

I have unit: 152066 if any of the PSA folks can review the backend to ensure I’ve not done something wrong. I’ve emailed support, yesterday, already.


I have not played with it, but I believe the schedule is not saved to the Power Plant. Rather, the site sends signals to the unit.

It is saved on our server side at PowerPlay. Should be working. Keep an eye out. If not, I’ll let the programmers know on Monday.

Much appreciated Paul,


So far, no luck, none of my schedules have run over the weekend. I did have one go on Friday, but it was a one-time, power off scheduled for 2 mins. later.


Schedule now working. Support figured out that I inadvertently created the repeating schedule in the past. I setup a daily event, selecting that day but at a time that had already passed, thus the schedule never fired because the first occurrence did not happen.

Hopefully this saves someone else grief in the future.