PP12 struggling at times



They also do this:


Main benefit of smart meters to the utility providers is that it allows them to eliminate an entire section of employees. Here other than a couple of former senior employees in that section who they now employee as contractors that entire department of meter readers was abolished. Saved them a bundle on health insurance, vehicles including maintenance and insurance and retirement benefits. They are now phasing them in on the water meters too with the same ultimate result.


I call B. S. On their benefit statement. Ask for a non-Smart meter to replace the smart one!


In my case of nightly THD IN of 6.8 -7.1 this may not be telling the whole story (as Paul mentioned earlier). There could be EMI involved here. I’m wondering if there is a way I could measure it, and stay vigilant as “The Grid” brings the smart meters into play at my house. Since I’m already at 6.8 -7.1 now it doesn’t seem like I will be going in the other direction (lower) -but the jury is still out on that until national Grid reports back to me. Seems as though some consulting companies maybe smelling the money/getting involved with analysis services. The real question is how can you convince large corporations like Verizon, National Grid etc. to now instead place their effort on reducing the interference they are “installing”. https://www.elexana.com/emf-health-blog/


In Texas asking for a dumb meter is not an option. All new construction uses smart meters, even commercial, and they are retro fitting existing structures with smart meters.


You can ask your local service company to have the smart meter removed. I did that 2 months ago.


Here in central Ohio it costs $46 to have the meter swapped plus a $24/mo surcharge for not having a smart meter.


Here in New York City it cost me $105 to have the meter swapped plus a $9/mo surcharge for not having a smart meter.

There was an approximately 30% increase in my bill when changing to the smart meter so the savings from switching back will well make up for it not to mention your health benefits.


These stories about the smart meters really have me concerned. I can’t believe what I am hearing. BTW do they have smart transformers where you live too? National Grid still uses lots of the oil-filled transformers around here and there is one right at the bottom of my driveway which supplies me with a healthy dose of nice 7.0+ THD every night. at least we are getting some laughs about this right now but the laugh is slowly turning to a frown.


It will only get worse when wireless 5K gets rolled out from your local carrier.


If anyone is concerned with smart meters I would strongly suggest getting rid of your cell phones, cordless phones “smart devices”, and wi-fi since they all emit deadly RF. There are all sorts of sources of RF and we have been living with them for decades, yet to date, there is no defined link by credible medical organizations between exposure to daily background RF (I would except those working in the RF producing industry) and any deadly consequences. Even if you dump all your personal sources of RF you will still be exposed from everyone else’s RF, unless of course you build your house with a Faraday Cage and never leave …


I use a cellphone case designed to deflect RF away from me. I also never hold the phone up to my head, and use it on speaker phone instead.



I hear you pmotz -good point. I’m just wondering where the ever-increasing RF, EMF, THD will lead to. I wonder if there will be a point of diminishing return. I am fairly sure that National Grid can knock some of the THD down with smart transformers. Not sure about EMF. As far as personal wireless devices that’s an easy solution…just shut them off when listening. Hard wire your DAC with UTP/STP, etc. etc. Wires haven’t been totally eliminated yet.


You can buy your own meter! I have a friend who did that!


Here is the next set of displays from the PP12. The issue did happen again a couple nights ago so I collected the screens as promised for comparison to the earlier baseline record.


The only thing that stands out to me is the curious flat-lining that shows on the bottom half of the difference screen.


Thanks, I appreciate you grabbing the pictures. How frequently does the issue come up? Seems like it’s not quite every night.

I wonder if perhaps there is a certain device you or one of your neighbors is running that causes these issues…

Also, have you noticed the time at which the problems start changing at all? If it is linked to the solar farm that your power company built, I would expect the kick off time to change as the days get longer.


That’s pretty typical of flat topping from lower power factor devices by your neighbors. Thank goodness the Power Plant is there to fix it.