PP15 Initializes but no outlet power

My PP15 turns on using the back switch. The front power button turns blue for a few seconds followed by “Initializing” message on the screen, then both would turn off. Normally, the back outlets would stay on to power attached component, but none have power at this time. The screen does not respond to touch. The power cord, reset button seem fine, and there has been no trigger connection whatsoever. Tried looking up the latest down load since PP15 not connected online, but there’s no recent update from 2018-2019 .cfg or .hex files. There was also no instruction included on SW updates in the P15 download. Thinking the software may have been corrupted, I inserted the provided SD card with the .cfg & .hex files in the root dir, inserted SD card properly, powered up the unit from the back, but the front blue power button just flashed with occasional audible clicking from the PP15. I left it alone for 40-50 minutes but it continued doing the same. When I SW update my DS DAC MK II, the power button only flashes 30x, so I decided that waiting 40-50 min was sufficient. The PP15 would not turn off using the front power button, so I used the back power button. But this did not help the situation. This has never happened before. Appreciate any input from fellow community, otherwise, I’ll have to request for warranty repair.

Still trouble shooting:
Tried unplugging P15 from wall outlet for 7 min, then plugging back in, in case it’s in protection mode but does not help. The resetable circuit breaker next to cord was never broken. Just tested the fuse with continuity tester and it’s not blown. Problem persists, blue front button comes on, followed by “Initializing” on the screen, then screen turns on, then I can hear a relay that would normally turn on all the plugs in the back, but still no power to components, and the display screen does not work/respond to touch.

I wonder if I plug it into the internet via CAT if a PS Audio Tech can view an internal report or profile to see what’s going on from SW/ HW view.

I am guessing you are trying what you can since its the weekend.

In any event, suggest giving PSA Customer Service a call in the morning.

Good luck with the troubleshooting.

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Did you try holding pressed the blue logo button for 10 seconds during initializing process?
Have you tried a software reload via SD card?

Make also a search on the Forum, I remember that a member had the same issue recently (no more than 2/3 months ago) and was easily fixed. In my case was different, I had to replace a board.

Yes, if you call PSA customer service they are able to connect to your P15 once you connect it to your network by Ethernet.


I found it!


Thank you for the support. Problem solved.
I found your support useful but I still ended sending the unit for warranty repair. Service was timely, approximately 2 weeks before I received the unit. My system is back to normal. You guys are so right when saying, “you don’t know what you have until it’s gone.” Without the P15, my playback was stale, without the instrument layering, separation, 3D staging, and warmer bottom to mid-base range that was more satisfying especially during musical counterpoints, and I noticed that my listening volume with the P15 was a good 15-20% lower, probably due to higher S/N ratio, resulting to a blacker background. Although, the unit I received has a slightly different Serial Number, being a “D15-B2 …” instead of the original “D15-A1 …” I’m not sure what exactly happened to my original unit, but I’m happy to have a functioning one. Hopefully, this one will last more than 3 years.

There’s one last additional comment or request I would like to make for the PS Audio Research/Development team. I have a slight but noticeable transformer hum coming from the PSA DAC MK II, along with the two M1200, audible directly from the units, but also noticeable during near field listening through the Martin Logan 13a. Can the P15 or P20 be redesigned to include the filtering that had been discussed with the Puritan 156 EU product, but still keep that warm 3D sound of the P15?

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