New P15 Power Regenerator don't start

Dear all,

I bought this new P15 device, after connecting the power and network cable (network cable light turns on), the device does not turn on.
Front button does not blink or even light up.
Could you help with the topic?


The front button is a Standby switch. Did you try pushing it on?

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Yes I push and nothing.

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Did you turn on the rocker switch on the rear right?

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OK. So we need to recheck the obvious. On the back is a power switch. Did you turn it on?


The switch is on, by the way, I have a P12 and Directstream in my another system.

OK. Having that experience of other PS Audio gear is good. So, two more basics to check. First, make sure the power cord and electric outlet are functioning. Then, check the P15 fuse.


Fuse Ok

Multimeter 125v ok

Power cord ok.

I would call PS Audio service.

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It’s worked on other PS Audio devices; Unplug you network cable and try again.

I had this problem too. Had to send to PSA. Turns out some cable or something was loose. They fixed it , sent it back and still didn’t work—something else loose. After a couple of iterations, it’s been fine.

Lesson: be patient.