Pre-amplifier suggestions for M700?

I’m using a Schiit Freya+ tubed now, but want to up-
grade staying with tubes. Any suggestions for good synergy?

I have a BHK preamp with my m700’s system and it’s pretty awesome. It also has a really good headphone amp.


Octave HP 300 SE
Awesome device, offers optional integrated tube phono stage. Tubes are protected to expand life time by smart power management.

I have the same set up as Baldy, BHK and M700s. I benefited from the free trial period on the BHK, thanks PSA. I am very happy with the combo.

To be completely honest, the system really jumped when I added the P20 and have wondered if the P20 is a boost to tubes.


Unfortunately in that system I don’t have any room for a regenerator. Everything is plugged into a Dectet.
I just might have room for a P12 if I juggled everything around a little. Hmmmmmmmm. :thinking:


Chances are if the M700’s, the BHK preamp and sources is all you are using the Stellar P3 would work.

Thanks. Everything is on a rack with the 700’s, BHK, Denon AVR , Oppo 203, and set top box with very little room to add. The next time I have a chance to do a good look and think I’ll see if a regenerator can fit in somewhere. The Dectet is behind everything on the floor.

Before i changed from the M700’s i had a Primaluna Dialogue Premium. Did a great job and tidied up the noise floor issue i had (my dac was the DSJ).

What is your price range?

Under $4K.

Prima Luna is primary one I’ve been considering. I know it costs more, well made , and great lookin" but don’t know if it’s sonically an upgrade from Freya. Have any more thoughts? thanks

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Give PSA a call. You might be able to get a good deal trading in your Schiit on a new BHK. Or you should be able to find one used in your price range if you wait and watch.

Great idea! Wished I thought of that earlier. Thanks That’s how I bought the M700s. $2300 sale price less $720 for my Schitt Aegir Power Amp… Ended up with trade costinng $1687 out of pocket

I bought the m700’s and a DSjr as a package deal for a good discount. When I bought the BHK preamp it was discounted as a returning customer or similar just for asking if a discount was available. They are pretty easy to deal with if you ask or start a conversation about a possible purchase.

Thanks for the advice. They have been good to deal with but had no idea about asking for a discount.

I think there are various sales incentives at different times of the year based on who knows what but it never hurts to ask. That is one of the nicer parts of capitalism :grin:

Thanks and Happy New Year!

If you can’t strike a deal to your liking I’ve got a black BHK preamp I was going to put for sale after the first of the year.

Happy New Year to all!

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Hi, i haven’t compared it directly to the Freya myself but there are quite a few reviews online that could assist you. A different price point, so you would hope for an improvement but thats not always the case! Good luck