Pre out/Bi-amp configuration. Flawed from the start?

I’m thinking of trying a pre-out from an integrated SS amp with the speaker connections to low end. The pre-out would go to a tube amp and run horns. (speakers are bi-ampable (not sure that’s a word but you know what I mean- 4 posts)

I’m not sure how a pre-out would differ from a preamp …

However maybe I’m missing something?

Output vs input sensitivity?

Amp pre-out is 1 volt… 480 ohms
Running to a amp with 880mv Input Sensitivity and 100k ohms impedance for example

Are the above specs worth matching? Or what should I look for?

Thank you!!!

If you are going to bi-amp properly you need to use a line level crossover, active most likely. This is not something to do unless you have quite a bit of experience.

Thank you for the input. I have not heard that previously but that’s why I asked. I figured I could do it and connect two amps but want to make sure I can do it properly if I decide to move forward.