Preamplifier burn in

Hi Ladies and Gents

Is it OK to burn in a new tube preamplifier using a cd player on repeat but have the power amplifiers turned off,

Appreciate your help


I don’t see a problem with that…if you don’t mind logging unused music hours on your tubes.

Yeah thought as much, only pre stage tubes, not concerned about the tubes just want everything embedded as the pre is brand new

Thanks Mark, appreciated


Seems your a member of the D10x club also


Yes…a very, very happy D10X owner. :grin:

I know right best CD player I have ever heard, incredible!

Demo it and within minutes ordered one, amazing how much detail it retrieves from rebook

I hear you…Luxman really did their homework on this player. It took a bit of time to settle in but man it does so much right…and so little wrong.

The ROHM dac chip is very special, she doesn’t sound digital at all, smooth, transparent and soooo engaging,

The pre amp I have added is the CL-1000 hence the burn in question, received her on the 23rd of December after 7 months waiting, but straight out the box it’s exceptional, just need to put some burn in hours on her

Thank you again for your advice



Wow…very nice Deano.I bet it is very musical with the D10X at the helm. And welcome to the forums!

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Thanks Mark for the warm welcome, yes very musical superb tone and the space oh the space is incredible


How do you like the Prima Luna amps?

Love them, superb with KT150s, I run fully active with Klipsch La Scala’s II’s, using a xilica XP4080 crossover, so one stereo power amp for tweeters one for midrange and a solid state amp for bass, so a little different :flushed:

I see you use shunyata power conditioning, how do find it


I had a Prima Luna Dialouge Premium preamp which was a superb performer too. I now own the Coda Technologies 07x pre that is over the top excellent…

I’m a huge fan of Shunyata products. I recently added the Everest and it takes everything a system has to offer to the next level. For me…quiet ac performance is one of the huge system upgrades that can take a stellar system over the top in musical performance. Can’t recommend it and their power cords enough…

Cool, I’m running IsoTek’s full loom, love it as I went up the chain things got better and better, broke the bank though, but hey you only live once lol


I share your love of Luxman products.
It’s just a “thing” with me but I never leave tube gear on when I leave the house or overnight.
I know you’re talking about a preamp, but how warm does it get?

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Hey Ron

Happy new year, the pre amp doesn’t get too hot and would never leave it on if we left the house, the CL-1000 isn’t an all tube pre amp, here is a photo under the hood :grin:

They are brilliant, aren’t they?

Yes they are, I love everything luxman does, such amazing engineering and a very special sound


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