Stereophile/PS Audio Factory Tour


Just watched the Stereophile PS Audio Factory Tour with John Atkinson and Paul McGowan. It was really entertaining. Well done Paul.


I loved it, thanx Paul…

… but … in the vid you noted your digital products don’t require burn in… this is not my recent experience with the Junior… it has changed markedly in my two weeks of ownership. You may, at least, build a test bed for some of the discreet compnents to juice 'em for a bit before assembly… or something.

Bruce in Philly


Thats not exactly what he said. What he said was that the DAC does not require a burn in to find defects before they ship it. Everything requires a burn in after you get it even if the manufacturer does a burn in/test before shipping it.


I stand corrected…thanx for the point out. I went back and checked it out… it was in reference to mortality. However, I still think the units could stand to be juiced up for a few days for sound.

Bruce in Philly


With as long as the burn-in takes on the DS Sr, I they would need to have a warehouse with dozens of shelves with hundreds of power receptacles combined with some gigantic distributed digital signal system to accomplish the roughly two-week-ish burn-in required for the DS Sr.

And that doesn’t seem overly practical for a small company.




Could someone pls post links to parts 2 and 3(?) of S’phile’s video tours? I guess I’m not smart enough to find them.



Why do you think there are more parts? I thought that there was only the one.


JA mentions part 2 at the end of part 1; they’ll concentrate on the musicroom and PSA’s future.


I thought that they mentioned that they were going to do a full interview at some later date. Probably explains why you can’t find a part 2 or part 3. They don’t exist.


Part 2:


I saw that too, part 2 was not up last night, but someone posted a link. I too thought it was excellent.