BHK pre signed by Bascom


Hi Paul,

I just purchased one of the first 50 preamps signed by Bascom, still new, from Upscale near me in CA. Have there been any hardware updates that would warrant sending it to Boulder for a refresh?

It will be the meat in the sandwich between DS Sr. and M700s.



Nope. The same.

Thanks Paul. It was an extra special bonus when Kevin Deal said he had a signed one he was willing to part with, plus the 2 pairs of the Tungsram PCC88 that Bascom likes a lot.

Do you recommend I burn-in with the stock tubes for a couple hundred hours before rolling?

The first thing I do is fire it up, turn it on from the front panel and let it stay on overnight. From there it’s good to and will get sweeter over the next few weeks.

Excellent use of the “solved” button!

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Today, at 65 hours, stock tubes, the BHK pre began producing a significant increase of very pleasing bass slam!

Depeche Mode Violator is resonating nicely throughout the space,

Very pleased with the acquisition of the BHK, thank you PS Audio team.

Does anyone know when the first 50 preamps that Bascom signed came out? I’m looking at buying a used one and I’m trying to determine the build date.


Best to get the serial number and check it with customer service.

My signed pre lives hidden in a cabinet. Only time I see the signature is when I roll tubes. It’s a nice treat to see.

There has been at least one software revision that I’m aware of but I have no idea what the changes were, and with the BHK, the software has no involvement with the sound.

The first 50 signed by BHK were manufactured close to when we launched the product about 3 year ago now. Brett is right, if you get us the serial number, we’ll be able to tell you exactly when the production day was.

Thanks. Called earlier and found out the warranty was about to expire. Going to spring for a new one.

Hard to believe some are already coming up on 3 years old now. Keep us posted when you get it in your system. It’s going to sound great between the DSD and BHK 250.

@jamesh - I have a signed BHKPRE that I bought in JAN, 2019, not 3 years old… months… I assume it was part of the 1st production run as Brett indicates… I have seen the signature a few times, only when I reconfigure my rack which will be next week when I add longer posts for more airflow on the P20 and adding VooDoo Iso-Pods

Also, need to be very careful, the signature comes off really easy…

I meant more that it’s surprising the BHK pre is 3 years old. It feels like yesterday we beta tested it. I forget who it was, but I love that a customer requested Paul sign the underside of the lid. I guess he loved knowing it was under there. :smile:

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@jamesh - yeah, I didn’t think I got a used BHKPRE :slight_smile: It was one of the 50 BHK signed. Time goes by fast and then you get old and the velocity triples…


I’ve owned two, my son one, friends count three more and I’ve never seen one without the signature.

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@RonP - I asked Upscale for my 1st without the signature and they sent it w/ signature. When I returned it to PSA for a replacement, I didn’t have the heart to say no signature… I don’t like my stuff signed… same with my PRS Custom 24, my cars, my Project One (I designed paint, extras) cycle was signed and I got pissed… not a fan… however, BHK is too cool…

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