JRiver Media Center not showing proper audio format

using .168 JRMC - every track says it’s an .mp3 when it isn’t, as I only have aiff. Even HDtrack.com downloads (aiff) are represented as .mp3. Not sure if this is a JRMC problem or a PWDII issue.



Should I transcode JMRDC to uncompressed WAV files. Further, would it benefit sonically to change all my aiff files to WAV? +30,000 files already in aiff.

I had mainly all aiff. I used dBpoweramp batch converter to change them to flac level 5. The reason I did this was to create a little more space on a 1tb HD. I have JRMC 18 Media Network set to transcode on the go. ie. uncompressed 24 bit.

I spent a lot of time comparing all file types and I don’t think there is a great deal of difference. At least between wav & aiff.

If your DAC is telling you you have all .mp3 I would change the Media Network settings to Always Convert & Uncompressed 24 bit. Then your DAC should say 24bit wav

Currently you may well be transcoding to mp3. You can either go with rossop’s suggestion (what I do) or set it to never convert.