Problem: DSD (DoP) over Coax via Aries Mini

I have a new DSDac and am trying to get DSD (DoP) to play using the coax as an input. Works just fine (DoP) through the USB connection and my understanding is that Toslink is a no go for DoP. Just to confirm, you can stream DSDx1(64) via DoP through the coax, correct?

I can get the DSD screen to read DoP / 1bit / 64 but no sound comes out at all. Just for good measure I have emailed Auralic to confirm that DSD (DoP) is available as an output throught their coax. Figured someone on here may have the answer though as it could be Dac related,… have not tried rolling back to Torreys but have tried 2 firmware’s with the Auralic to no luck.

Thanks for the help!

Tho TOSLink isn’t speced above 96k you may get lucky and be able to use it at 176.4k for DoP (and PCM). Sometimes a better cable helps.

Yes S/PDIF and AES/EBU support DoP (any DS input that accepts PCM at 176.4k will accept DoP.)

Probably not much help but here are my first thoughts:

If the DS’s screen says DoP then things are likely set up correctly. There is nothing to configure in the DS for DoP, it just is telling you what it receives. Still you might still see if you can get the green checkmark when playing the 192k bitperfect test (download the test file from the Download section and see the appropriate How To if it doesn’t just work.)

Try another disc/track just to be sure that your source material is non-silent.

Also, check that the DS isn’t muted :slight_smile:

I’m not sure what could be wrong.

Def. not muted,… Tried a number of different DSD files, even some of the 2NL stuff (x1 rate)… Sync light goes red. It’s like it initially see’s the format and displays it, then immediately loses sync (Green to red). Interestingly, within the streamer control, on the DSD output, I can select DoP or Native,… DoP = silence, Native = whitenoise.

There is also the option for DoP flag,… 0AA and 2Fsomething I think,… neither of those make a difference,…

Just for clarification on my end,… if the DS reads DoP then you are receiving a DSD stream, correct? If it reads PCM, then it would never be a DSD stream or is there a case where the DS would read PCM and actually be playing DSD. To add to my confusion a little, the Aries will also convert from DSD to PCM (through a setting) if the connected DAC does not handle DSD,… I got that turned off…

Since DoP is DSD wrapped to look like PCM, the DS will show it as PCM if it doesn’t recognize it as DSD. That can happen if the file is not sent bit perfect, which is one reason Ted suggested running the bit perfect test. If the Aries Mini is applying any DSP, or even changing the volume, that can cause problems and the DS will likely think it is a PCM file (and all you get is noise).

OK, so I ran the BitPerfect test (both 192 & 96),… both passed without issue. Green check and ‘BitPerfect’ displayed,… Still when trying to send DoP to coax screen will read DoP - 64 / 1 but the ‘sync’ light goes red and all I get is silence…

Also, when I ran the BPtest, it showed up as PCM 24/192, I thought since it was a DoP file it would/should read DoP.

I have confirmed that there is no issue with the Aries Mini providing DoP over the coax.

The bit perfect test files display as PCM. I have no idea why DSD files aren’t working for you. Sorry.

I guess I’ll roll back to Torreys just to confirm that it isn’t a software issue,… The DSD files do play just fine over USB so I know it is not a file issue.

I can confirm that it does not work with Torreys either,… same symptoms,… green sync dot, stays red, screen reads proper at DoP/64/1

Any thoughts that there is an issue with the coax receiver,… I wish I had another source to test DoP over coax with,…

The green dot means signal present an acceptable sample rate. Red means sample rate invalid or S/PDIF formatting invalid (and the DAC will be muted.) If the screen keeps on displaying DoP after the annunciator turned red I’m confused, I would have expected “DoP” to go away if the dot turned red.

If you haven’t already you might try another S/PDIF cable - note: tho cables designed for audio often work for digital, they don’t always and the errors can be data dependent so (for debugging sake) be sure to try a cable designed for digital (even a cheap one from an office product store)…

If you have an XRL output on your streamer you might try it (the receiver is identical except that AES/EBU is a higher voltage.)

I’m not convinced that there’s a problem on the DS side, but you should probably contact PS Audio support anyway. They might have experience with the streamer you are using. Also FWIW I don’t remember which streamer, but one of them sent a signal that was too high of a voltage and putting an inline attenuator in the cable fixed things.

Thanks Ted (& Steve),… Yes, the cables are both Digital specific. If the output voltage were high wouldn’t it be across the board? ie,… the same regardless of spitting out PCM or DoP. PCM plays fine,… Unfortunately don’t have AES/EBU,… I do have a older audio interface I used to use for recording that has a spdif out on coax. I can try to run a DSD file through that. Will have to download jplayer or something though as I don’t normally stream from a player on the comp. If that still doesn’t work I guess it’ll be time for a call to Support,…

I was just mentioning all the ways I know of that the DS could be failing. I don’t believe it is. My guess is that the streamer is misconfigured a little. There’s nothing at all magic about DoP in the DS - i.e. if the bitperfect test works and 24/176.8 works then DoP works, especially since you’ve reloaded the software and the same thing happens. On the other hand configuring DoP can have lots of pitfalls for something that seems so simple. By that I mean that each piece of software I know of takes more than one setting to configure DoP correctly (BTW the correct DoP flags for the DS are the standard 0xaa/0x55, but you have to have that right for the screen to display DoP.)

Thanks Ted, and yes I agree, I believe that it is an issue with the streamer sending the data correctly over spdif/coax,… At the least the USB does work fine and I imagine the SQ difference is negligible. I did manage to get JRiver loaded on the comp and spitting out through the coax on the AI I had laying around,… gonna have to spend some time getting JRiver configured prop. though as I cant get it spit out the BPtest file correctly yet,… lol,…


I think there is always confusion with streamer settings.

So even with the USB input, the DS does DSD only in DoP and NOT natively correct?

So in my streamer settings, DoP should be enabled and DoP rather than Native DSD at various bit rates should be output right?


The DS does both native and DoP over I2S. It only handled DoP over the other inputs.

Hey Ted,

I have kinda been going back and forth with Auralic support trying to figure out the DoP out of the Aries Mini,… You in a earlier post mentioned that the correct flags for the DS/DoP are ‘0xaa/0x55’. Auralic has confirmed that they are using 05FA. Would this be why it is not working?

Thanks again!

That’s definitely a problem: 0x55/0xaa has been the standard for years - so standard in fact that no one has ever asked us for anything else.

LOL, good to know. I’ll pass that info along to Auralic,… not that they’ll necessarily change it and quite honestly, I’ve been so enamored w/the sound from the Bridge that at this point I’m not too worried if DoP out of the Auralic will work or not. Hope this thread will help anyone else with an Auralic product if they are trying to run DoP through spdif and running into problems.

Many thanks again for your help!


Has anybody tried the D.BOB (Digital BreakOut Box)? It just came out this month. I hopping to see if it really does work as advertised.