DoP128 unplayable?

As in the Topic description. I wonder if PS Audio has a special local version.

How about the other non-US models?

What input are you using? The Bridge (either version 1 or 2) is limited to DSD64. I believe that the I2S inputs and the USB input can play double-rate DSD, which is probably what the product information page is referring to. I don’t know about the coax and optical inputs, but I suspect they are limited also.

Since the post in the Stellar Forum I assume he is referring to the Gain Cell DAC. From the specs, DSD128 should work over the I2S and USB inputs but not Toslink or coax digital. So the question of which input the OP is using remains.

I bought Gain cell Dac from Japan distributer “kanjitsu denki” .

It Can play DSD128 Source on USB

Catalog Specification is correct.