Problem with non-speaking bass rubbon on a Magnepan

I got 20.7 for new a few days ago, but unfortunately I wasn’t fully satisfied with the bass spectrum : thin and dry, especially in very low frequencies (organ, symphonic orchestra…)
After suspecting a need for burn-in, after suspecting my amp, after wondering about my room and sitting position, the prb turns to be that… the bass rubbon of the right panel doesn’t speak at all.

I compared to the other panel, by standing behind while hearing low organ : with this one, I can hear very low frequencies, and they come from the side opposite to the tweeter.
On the other panel, this side is mute, except of a low humming even with no disc ! like an electrical buzz.
Have you ever experienced such a problem ? What is the technical issue ? What could be the easiest solution ?
In case there needs a fix, I hope that the Magnepan after-sales service will be helpful. Any testimony ?

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You got it a few days ago. It’s faulty.

What’s the issue here? Return/exchange it and move on with life.


I will try to do so with my dealer. Issue is that I live in Europe, and I hope that it won’t be a hurdle.

… and you won’t know until he reopens on Tuesday, am I right?


Yep :cold_face:
My dealer is 200 km afar, in France.
But I don’t know if he has to send the panel back in Minnesota (that would cost much), or if he is allowed to try a fix himself.

That should not be your concern. If Magnepan shipped a faulty speaker, it’s covered by warranty and shipping is their problem not yours.

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I am not specialist about that, I don’t know who will be charged for shipping overseas, I don’t know if warranty includes transport.

The speakers should just be replaced at no cost to you with a new working pair. This may be a long wait in this case. I have returned every initial non working piece for replcement, Fortunately I had a good dealer. He got many sales for doing things right.

I talked a bit with my dealer. Things could get solved in a quick and easy way, no charge for me, I guess. I will know more tomorrow.

Would it mean that you got a lot of trouble with your loudspeaker ?
Previously, I owned a Magnepan 3.5 since 2005, when I purchased it as second hand. My model is more than 20 YO and yet as fresh as ever ^^ Even if my new 20.7 when fixed will upgrade 3.5s and relegate them in the cellar

Well I hope everything goes fine. You should get a new pair if it is something other than a fuse or simple connection

There are 2 types of returns, manufacturers warranty claims, these are usually years into ownership.

Dealer / Seller returns.

What this is is a Dealer RMA, it’s their responsibility for the product working on delivery, nothing to do with Magnepan.

A good dealer would take the faulty stock back and immediately ship a replacement to you. Then the actual warranty fix with magnepan is between them and the dealer but should have no influence on the buyer.

It makes it easier in the EU because it’s the same law across all member states, standard 14 day return period, no questions asked. The fact they’re “Made In America” has no impact to the buyer.


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Here are some news about my bass prb in the right-side speaker.
I made a test : switching the ampl. output.
Left output connected to right panel, right output connected to left panel.
And then the empty bass was… in the left panel.
So it seems that the prb is about the output of my amp.
But what ? How is it possible to get no x-low bass on the right ouptut but normal in the left output ?
I never observed this prb with my previous Magnepan 3.5, the prb appeared last week with my new 20.7…

Gak!! Ok… So the bad speaker switched on you. Next stop - cable. Could you possibly only play one speaker at a time and the same cable and output. Maybe it’s a cable??


according to my dealer, the prb can’t be the cable between amp and speakers, there would be no physical explanation for such a phemonenon…
But maybe I will try to switch these cables…
My prb is that, after purchasing 20.7, no budget remains for buying a new amp…

Thanks for answer. Indeed, my dealer was ok for fixing it due to warranty. But it turns to be a prb with my amp…

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Well whatever it is - it’s an odd problem to only get a partial signal either from amp or cable. I’d test the easy thing.

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A blown (or partially blown) amp channel can do weird things.

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And why the amp could be blown ?
Could it be due to my new 20.7 ?
Is it possible that low impendance of Magnepan would be the origin of this prb ?
Is it common that just the low part of the signal is faulty ? (and only on one side of the output ?)

Would it be due to the specifications of my amp, or because it is too old & tired (22 years old) ?

At that age, I wouldn’t be surprised if some capacitors need to be replaced.

You don’t need a new amp, but you should definitely have yours serviced if that proves to be the problem.