Problems with iTunes/Bitperfect and PSA DS DAC

Hello Folks:

I’ve recently developed a problem with playback through my DS DAC that was configured through P.S. Audio 2.0 USB. I am using a Curious USB A/B cable with a power supply. I set up per Paul’s recommendation utilizing iTunes and Bitperfect and a MAC Mini. This had worked well. But recently, iTunes plays to the Mac Mini internal speakers but when I switch to PS Audio 2.0 output I get no sound. iTunes appears to be working as the time scale moves, but no sound. The icon on the DAC is green and not orange. Any ideas to solve the problem would be appreciated. To my knowledge I changed nothing. It worked one day and the next day it didn’t. Everything else on DS DAC works including Bridge II and CD playback. Thanks.

I’m no longer using Bitperfect and iTunes, but I recall having such a problem and it was solved by finding the “mute” mode. I hope this helps.

Thank you for your response. Miraculously, the sound came back. I had tried rebooting the mac several times but finally rebooted the DAC as well. That seemed to do the trick.