PS amplifier for Tannoy Revolution XT 8F

I am working on putting together my dream $5,000 system. The budget is somewhat flexible, but I would probably not exceed $6,000.
I have my eyes set on a pair of Tannoy XT 8F. What PS audio amplifier would match well with these? I could go with the monoblocks M700 but I think it would be overkill. How would the Stellar 300 work, in your opinion? I am new with PS Audio hardware,therefore looking for advise.
Thank you in advance for your help.

I have a friend who has these speakers and they are great. They’re 91 db so you’re pretty wide open for amp choices.
I would say that put your budget together and go from there. My personal default is that monoblocks sound better than stereo. And why would M700’s be overkill?

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M700s. I’m sure the Stellar 300 would work but…

I was interested in the Tannoy and monitor audio silver 300’s. My local Tannoy dealer doesn’t have them to listen to But I could listen to the 300’s and loved them so I am going with the Monitor audio. That being said I am going to order the M700’s with the Gain cell DAC. Everything I have read leads me to this.

The M700 are 350 Wpc, while the Tannoys are rated 100 Wpc continuous. I find the difference too large.

This does not present a problem. Many use amps capable of producing more power than a speaker’s rated RMS limit.

In one of Paul’s daily videos, he addresses this question.
The wattage is a not a problem. Doubtful you’ll ever crank them up that high anyway.

The S300 would be an excellent choice for the Tannoy but the M700 pair would be better - and they are not overkill. They will simply provide you a welcomed level of headroom which, believe me, you’ll love. But, wither would be excellent.

My speakers are harder to drive at 4ohm and 87 db and I believe min power is 50wpc but the M700s did a marvelous job. When looking at the logarithmic calculation for power etc. 700 sounds huge but not so much really, but it’s that headroom and the amp(s) design that get that excellent performance. I think the 700s is one of the best buys out there period.