Tannoy Speakers

Well, I guess I am part of the family! Recently acquired Perfectwave components - Preamp - SACD & DAC - BRK300’s.

I have interest in a couple of speaker brands - Focal, Legacy, and Tannoy. I have listened to all but the Tannoy since there are no dealers around and Upscale Audio would be a trek. Any thoughts on the Turnberry and Kensington?


Welcome to the forum and congrats on your recent hifi acquisitions! I’m sure someone will chime in shortly about your speaker inquiry.

Welcome to the fun…

Currenty am a Focal Aria 948 owner and absolutely enjoy

However have no experience with Tannoy…other than to
say they are really good…according to a friend of mine…
but lives too far away to go hear them…

Someone will come along and help!!

Best wishes

Some of the best speakers I’ve heard were Tannoy’s. One was the Churchill, which was a very memorable experience.

Certainly wouldn’t need 300 watts to drive these very efficient 95 db speakers though.

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I purchased the Tannoy Revolution XT8F in 2019 and have loved them ever since. You may be looking for a higher price range than the XT8F’s, I got mine for $1600 delivered for the pair during a special sale. They are driven by PS Audio components from source to amplifier (BHK Pre, M700 mono blocks). I prefer the modern look of the XT8F in white and I have enjoyed the sound very much, including reasonably punchy bass and outstanding mids. Once I added a REL sub, a P3 regenerator and did some room treatment in my small listening room the imaging was very good. Some recordings even produced a holographic effect.

I cannot compare the Tannoys to other brands except my vintage Mitsubishi monitors. If you are looking for budget speakers with modern looks and well-rounded sound I would recommend the Tannoy XT8F.




Welcome to the forum! I own Focal Kanta 2 abs life them for their soundstage depth and fabulous detail. They also sound clean. I like clean! Bigger Tannoy’s I’ve had experience with via a Tannoy loving friend have always sounded more palpably present and intense than the Focals. Dynamic, exciting and meaty.
So many great speakers around that you’re bound to find what floats your boat. Maybe settle on the brand house sound you like, then find one that fits your room?

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Welcome to the community @Psaudio4me
Congrats on your new PSA gear. I totally agree with @Gary_M regarding high sensitivity.

I in my lifetime I have owned 607 (Sixes series) driven by 60 wpc A/B amp & Stirling driven by 100 wpc pure class A. Given that I’m talking early 1990s, my assessment could be flawed. Design, naterials, and manufacturign technologies have changed a lot over the years. I strongly urge you to listen before you buy, preferably at your place using your gear.

Those older models were quite sensitive, so you could comfortably drive them with 40 wpc amplifiers. /Despite the wonderful walnut wood and handsome looks, dual concentric designs did not appeal to me (sonically), and the Stirlings were sold & over they years I used quite a few others. 607 stayed in a secondary system for 25 years until I gave away. Good luck.

I have been involved with audio as a hobby since the early 70’s. Unless absolutely necessary, I have always purchased gear based on the sound signature and not necessarily power output. I do appreciate the responses. I have purchased a pair of Elac Carina FS274.4 towers until I make a final decision. Excellent for the money.



I just purchased a pair of Tannoy Eyris DC3. They are not my primary speakers, but in terms of musicality and just sheer listening pleasure for hours on end, they could be. Really a nice sound. Smooth, not overbearing but still great sound stage and good detail too. Good luck on your choice. So many great products out there…

If there is a dealer near you for Fyne speakers, you might want to try them out. They are a new company formed by former Tannoy people. https://www.fyneaudio.com/


You have to get these:


…because I have lusted after them for some time and I think they are so Regal.


Tannoy Westmister driver in a smaller enclosure - $35K!!!

Giving Legacy Focus SE a serious look.


Legacy makes great speakers, by most all accounts.

Is the Focus SE intended to specifically work with their Wavelet processor? If yes, I think you would be in for a real treat.

I love English speakers, and have Wharfdale, B&W, and Harbeth currently. When I started looking closely at Tannoy, I became worried about the amp pairing (after talking with professionals). I bet they sing, but, as others alluded to, you gotta make sure you deliver it properly. They aren’t as easy to pair as (at least some) B&Ws. My Wharfdales have always been easy to drive, too.

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Tannoys generally have high sensitivity ratings and are easy to drive. I prefer using a 35-watt tube amp with my Tannoy Cheviots for a traditional holographic “tubey” sound with plenty of bass and dynamics, but a solid state can also drive them effortlessly.

It’s not just speaker sensitivity that makes a speaker easy or hard to drive, imho. Speakers can be easy like Sunday morning, and not care much about the amps, or demanding like a Monday morning. Technical terms, obv. :upside_down_face:

We can name speakers smack in the middle of expected sensitivity, that almost require truly excellent amps. At least, I imagine we can.

Maybe I should stick to golf….heh.

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I contacted a couple of friends around the states to see what was trending in speakers ($5K to 15K retail).

They are high end shops with all the major brands (B&W, Sonus, Focal, Legacy, Wilson, etc.). In two out of three responses the two best sellers were the Legacy SE and the Klipsch Cornwall IV.

I guess the Celestion driver arrangement with Klipsch is a good thing! Still looking to audition the Tannoy’s.

Thanks for the review, I am new at this place and excited to take part in an informative discussion.


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