PS Audio acronyms


first of all i’m very happy with the products, service and youtube film provided by PS Audio, i enjoy music everyday thanks to those excellent and affordable products!

There is alway things to fine tune, e.g. the download page… …everytime i’m looking after software updates, I feel so stupid, not really getting all the PS Audios acronyms: Pikes, PWT, PWD, DSJ, PW DAC, DAC MK II, Yales, DMP and so on and on…

IMHO [ :slight_smile: ] why not just spell it out in the download page, with a good structure, showing the full name, a picture and latest firmware/update, date and release notes, I saw a release notes file in the latest update of the “DMP”, hurray! :wink:

Top notch, would be to get an email update based on your registered products letting you know that updates are available for you.


Well, that’s just crazy talk. WDDTLTH!

(we don’t do things like that here)