Suggestions for Firmware Downloads for All Products and Notifications


This is in regards to the firmware releases for all of the products.

First it would be nice to be able to sign up to get an email notification when a firmware update is posted.

Second, I think it would be more clear to have a link, under “Support”, to a location where the firmware releases for all of the PS Audio products are located. One would then select the product of interest which directs them to a page with a list of the firmware releases, release notes and a link to the discussion about the release, if any. One could download any of the releases here.




Welcome, Jerry

Both sets of your suggestions (this and the PowerPlant information page suggestions) are good and have been made previously. PSA’s resources are limited, but perhaps some will be implemented in the future.



That covers the PWD. Now need the same for the Bridge, power plants, etc.


Coming soon at a theater near…

Seriously, I suspect this will expand to others soon.

I can say that the PSA attention [and mine at the moment] is fixed on the DS. They won’t let me sleep so I suspect they aren’t getting much either. We’re trying to add a few nifty features to the user experience that may take another week or so.

Is it necessary to post older versions of all the firmwares as well? Or, just the most current one for each component?


Unless you expect people on the forums to stop recommending old versions I’d suggest including them as well, preferably with a note to indicate any incompatibilities with particular production runs (when applicable and feasible).



You are Abosultly correct. But as much as I love this place , this place seems to exist only here. And does not consider other places and how they effect the products here. This I feel is short sighted on ps audio ,s behalf. Weather ps audio likes it or not there are many forums that have threads on these products .



We haven’t ignored this issue. A new website’s in the works and it has a full downloads section that you’ll find quite handy. We hope to launch the new site this month or the first few weeks of April.



I hope the roll out goes well. :slight_smile:


Me three!


Great news. Just hope the new website doesn’t lose our old posts or post counts (as has happened before). :smiley:



great news. Well done PS Audio! Your one of the most innovative companies I know of in the audio industry.