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There may be small business funding, but a VC is not going to put money into a product if there is no plan for getting it to market. As you may well know, most VC money goes into 2nd and 3rd stage companies, it very rarely goes into start-ups.

I’m doing a new office. I bought new speakers. As expected, when the room was bare, they were totally unlistenable. Now with about two thirds of the furniture fitted and plenty of books, it is a lot better. It still fails the clap test and is too reverberant and in one place it rings. A small rug 110 x 170 made a huge difference. I plan to clad the rear wall with absorber as well as the first reflection point on the right hand side. I cannot start with this until the rest of the furniture turns up in 3 weeks. It’s getting there, slowly.

When over a period of weeks you hear a pair of speakers change completely, with some way to go, it makes you think how subjective the whole thing is when you don’t know the review test conditions. I will end up tuning the room to how I want the speakers to sound. This is quite normal, with a mix of diffusion and absorption, and will vary depending on the output of the speakers.

Overall, as a consumer, I consider audio reviews generally worthless. What is needed are dealers with good listening rooms and the appropriate demo stock. I am fortunate in having several in close proximity, so it is not a problem. I appreciate many people do not and that’s just their hard luck. Frankly, if I was buying a product that I was going to spend thousands of hours using, I would drive or fly to a dealer to make that decision.

A lot of these small audio companies without much of a plan are often not surviving just fine, thank you. In the UK you can get financial data online and a lotto them are financially sinking into a pile of doo-doo.

Huge Chavez has rigged all of our elections for centuries. Every American knows that. Little known fact, he’s actually the Greek God of elections and wields his power from his lofty God home, down the hall from Zeus.


Being lost on his points? That makes the two of us. The “Segal” probably wants to bash PS Audio so eagerly that he seems to lose his own train of thoughts as he makes them up along the way.

Now now now, he’s special.

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Mine too, a shame given I just found a picture of Stereophile Board checking the votes for their product awards.


Reminds me that the conclusion of the Cold War really was the death knell for reel-to-reel tape machines.


Well, here’s a photo of Medyedev enjoying his high end system prior to deciding the winners.

Your peeps, Steven. Commie Audiophiles! :cowboy_hat_face:

In the old days the Russians copied everything. The Zorki was a pretty good copy of Leica, whereas the Trabant was a very poor version of a Volkswagen. Now they just buy the stuff online. Honestly, Communism is going to the dogs.

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