Stellar Zero Feedback Input

I posted this exact thread in a different forum to get some general thoughts and experience. I post it here for the same reason but also to learn how it relates specifically to Stellar amps. I’m most interested in M1200 and 700 in that order but generally curious because the Stellar line advertises “zero feedback…Class A” input stages in one form or another.

Does the reviewer’s experience explain why PSA Stellar input stages run 0 feedback?

Simple question about feedback with what’s likely to be complex answers.

The author in the Positive Feedback review below relates his experience with a Manley SE/PP 300B as the basis for judgement he passes on negative feedback. He had this to say:” As you dial in more feedback, the soundstage depth decreases, like the doors closing on Mystery Science Theater 2000, the micro-dynamics are progressively sucked dry and your midrange bloom becomes a blip. Feedback is an equal opportunity spoiler—the effect is more dramatic when operating in SE, but it will still ruin your day if you’re in PP."

I’m inexperienced enough that I don’t know what I don’t know. Feedback seems to be one of those amplification 101 topics that I should have a working knowledge of so I’m interested in your experience. Do you find the same to be more or less true?

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The engineers can flame me here, but I don’t think you need to understand amplifier feedback to appreciate audio. If you want to, that’s great, go get ‘em. The author of the article is using his (limited?) knowledge of amplifier feedback to give authority and weight to his opinion on the M1200. It’s an unnecessary literary trick. I would have enjoyed the review more if he had just described the sound characteristics of the M1200 and why he likes it. I own the M700s and could easily do this. They’re great amps and that’s my “amplifier feedback” :joy: