PS Audio branded tubes?


Maybe you can pick up and refurbish these gears so we can enjoy some PS Audio tubes? :smiley:

Just a thought… I’ll definitely buy

it seem to me, that it would require plethora restoration work to get it working up to some specs… :thinking:

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The tough part is that the equipment is only 1 part of the equation…
The hardest part is the materials utilized in the golden tube era may
not be allowed for mfg here in the US.

I think it was JJ tubes ( I could be mistaken )that bought out the original Telefunken tube
making gear…does the JJ Black Diamond Telefunken make it the equivalent of
original Telefunkens as produced in West Germany? Some how really don’t think so.

Then there is the technician that needs the training to do the job…a monotonous demanding

It would wonderful if Paul could develop tube manufacture here in the US…
somehow rather unlikely

Here is an old but wonderful article;

Video showing what is involved in tube manufacture

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