PS Audio DACs & Bluesound Node USB as Digital Out

This is a question to the members of the community that use both Bluesound and PSA products:

Bluesound recently updated the Node to support USB as a digital output. I own two of the newer Node models (N130). For me, this feature works fine using a Denafrips Pontus II DAC, but I can’t get either of my Nodes to work with my PSA SGDAC via USB. The USB on my SGDAC works fine with other sources.

Has anyone else had any issues with using Bluesound Node USB as a digital output into their PSA product(s)?

I’ve sent my SGDAC in for repair, so I’m asking for myself, as well as the PSA tech who is working with me to solve the problem.

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The Bluesound Node USB output to DS Mk1 USB input works great for me. Not sure what may be different about the other PSA DACs.

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