DS MK2 - Bluesound Node using USB question

Folks: awaiting the AirLens so temporarily using a Bluesound Node in my setup:

Roon ROCK → ethernet → switch → ethernet → BS Node → coax → DS MK2

I am currently using coax connection because I cannot get USB to work. I am using a very basic USB cable as it is all I have at this point. I get no output at all using USB despite tweaking of Roon device setup, Bluesound output settings, etc.

Can someone using Node->MK2 combo please provide me with some setup pointers so I can get USB up and running?

p.s. I plan on going I2S when AirLens arrives but keep hearing about great USB capabilities.

Thanks, Dave

Which Node are you using? Not all Nodes have the ability to send usb out, I think it’s only 2022 and on that can send usb out.

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I have the N130. Here’s what Bluesound indicates on their support site of the N130-USB usage:

NODE (N130) can transfer digital audio (USB Audio 2.0) to an external DAC via the USB Type-A slot . When connecting an external DAC to the USB port of NODE (N130), the USB port is automatically enabled. Note: When the USB port is enabled, other audio outputs (Analog/COAX/Optical) are disabled.

Sorry. Tried USB again and got it working! Don’t know what I did different other than leaving coax connector in place.

However, I cannot control the MK2’s volume via Roon (or Node sw or hw)???

And my output display on the MK2 seems to be limited to 96 kHz. When playing 192 kHz I get display of 88.2 kHz.

Biggest issue is the volume control. MK2 has fixed volume turned off. Changing Roon or Node volume via their apps (or Node volume controller) makes no difference at all.

Any tips appreciated.

Thanks, Dave

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However, my signal path shows ORFS 192kHz at Renderer stage. Is MK2 actually processing 192; i.e. display is incorrect?

No, the sample rate display on the Mk II comes from counting the samples received per second and the sample width comes from seeing how many bits are changing on the low end of the samples. What the display shows on the DS is what’s being sent.


Happy 9th year on these boards, Mr. Ted! You’re one of the big reasons I’m here. Thanks a million times.

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I also own a Bluesound Node (N130), and I can’t get it to work with my SGDAC USB. I’m curious if anyone else has had compatibality issues between PS Audio USB and Bluesound?
I actually own two different Nodes (both N130) and neither will work with my PS Audio equipment via USB. My unit is actually at PS Audio for this very reason and their tech’s don’t seem to be aware of any known issues.

Node has no USB out. The USB connector is for input.

Connect Node to external DAC via Coax or Optical.

I currently use USB out on my Node with a Denafrip Pontus II w/o issues. The Bluesound website also lists USB Audio Out in the specs area as well.

oops…I understood that was intended but not yet implemented

note this comment in the specs…*Available for free with future software update

on the other hand, I found this…

NODE (N130) can transfer digital audio (USB Audio 2.0) to an external DAC via the USB Type-A slot.

When connecting an external DAC to the USB port of NODE (N130), the USB port is automatically enabled.

Note: When the USB port is enabled, other audio outputs (Analog/COAX/Optical) are disabled.

To manually enable the USB port, perform the following steps:

1. Connect a compatible external DAC to the USB port of NODE (N130).
2. In the BluOS Controller App, select Player Drawer.
3. Select the context menu (3 dots) of the required NODE (N130).
4. Select Audio Settings.
5. Select the external DAC from Select output.

To disable the USB port (without unplugging the external DAC) and enable other audio outputs (Analog/COAX/Optical), set the Select output to Default in the Audio Settings screen of NODE (N130).

Since it seems to be fairly new feature, and it’s definitely available (at least on both of the devices I own). I’m wondering if the issue is actually with Bluesound’s implementation, maybe not PS Audio’s.

If others (besides the OP and myself) are having the same problem, that might be a good indicator of root cause… i.e., if all Bluesound Node (N130) fail to play nice with PS Audio’s USB input, that would be a good indicator that the fault lies with Bluesound.

The current piece of information that complicates that theory to me is the fact that both of my Nodes work with the Denafrips Pontus II DAC via USB. This tidbit makes me ponder if it’s a combination of how Bluesound implements their USB protocol vs how PS Audio implements theirs.

In that scenario, which company gives in? Seems like it would have the possibility of stalemate with PS Audio pointing the finger at Bluesound and vice versa (e.g., similiar to PS Audio remotes controlling certain brands of TV’s). I would hate for those of us with a Node to be left in limbo.

I know… I know… in the end, none of this would be an issue if we just used a different/better brand, input, etc. Better yet, if the gods of the supply chain would work with us, we could just get an AirLens and call it a day! :wink:

But when it’s all said and done, I’m only curious how many other people are having issues with Bluesound Node USB output to PS Audio equipment?