PS Audio Directstream Perfectwave Refurbished TMR - Good Choice?

I am in the market for a new DAC; I previously was using the Schiit Gungnir Multubit but sold it immediately after purchasing a Cambridge Audio CXN v2.0.

The Music Room is closing out the MKI version at a very attractive pricepoint. $2500 is about my limit; I would hope this would be a good match for my Harmon Kardon Citation I // McIntosh MC275 combo. One issue is that I do not have ethernet in my listening room so I would have to get a wireless connection going.

In the face of all the new products… is the MKI still a great choice?

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I think it would be an excellent match because of how musical the MK1 is. Plus, a wireless ethernet Bridge is easy to install and cheap.


Any specific recommendations based on experience…?

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An excellent choice, especially at this price point.

And Welcome!

Welcome SP73…check out US Audio Mart… they have lots of used dacs under $2,500.00

Thank You Sir! I do browse there more than I should :slight_smile:


would be excellent choice…I also use a CXN V2

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Thanks! So why do you have the CXN?

I bought the CXN V2 when my Oppo no longer could do streaming…there was no AirLens then…liked the CXN so much, I put it in bedroom system after purchasing Airlens…I use Airlens into DS MKll


Looks like The Music Room is out of models with the network card installed. Can the card still be sourced separately?

They come up on this forum’s Marketplace.

It would be worth posting a Want to Buy if you go this route.

US Audio Mart has several listed with and without the Bridge

PSAudio Directstream DAC

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Keep in mind the network card in the DirectStream is the Bridge II which is an ok streamer, but it is ethernet only, no wifi. As such, if you have to use wifi don’t get the DirectStream with Bridge II installed.

I was going to use an Eero with an Ethernet port to plug into the bridge. You are saying I need a separate streamer, or would be better off using one vs. what I describe?

I do the same, I think (but care of a switch and EtherRegen in front of the bridge). The eero base is connected to my router via Ethernet though.


Good luck.

Our very own @1cdfoley has one for sale on this very forum for a great price:

Yes, I messaged him earlier today.

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Chas is good people. He takes care of his gear, and is an all-around wonderful dude.


That will work fine, just wanted to clarify the Bridge II is ethernet only.

I would speak to TMR, would be surprised if they won’t be getting models with the card in near future…